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Whether they write novels, books, articles, web content, etc., successful writers have certain characteristics which make their writing experience worthwhile and rewarding. Actually, they have all the characteristics of good writers plus some extra characteristics that have helped them succeed commercially. And some of them were just lucky!

“Writing isn’t particularly lucrative for most writers, even if they do get published, and contrary to the television images it isn’t an idyllic lifestyle.” (Dale C., www.gather.com)

It’s questionable whether the characteristics of a good writer are enough to make one a successful writer.

On the other hand, a successful writer has to possess the traits of a good writer and more – extra traits or simply luck.

10 Most Important Characteristics of Good (and Successful) Writers


#1:  Consistency, regularity and precision demonstrate engagement and responsibility. You can earn trust by being consistent. Write regularly.


#2: They plan their writing daily routine and spend long hours doing what they love most – they write.

Taking Writing Seriously

#3: Successful writers take their writing seriously. They believe in what they’re doing. Some of them do it to pay their bills and some just to for the spirit (or both). They constantly work on self-motivation.

Attention to Detail

#4: Successful writers pay attention to details. They are thorough and always take the time to research their markets.


#5: A good writer is expected to say something that hasn’t already been said, or say it in a way it hasn’t already been said. If the writer also possesses the ability to find and express fresh, hot or unconventional ways of looking at the world and at people, chances are the writer will be successful.


#6: Good writers have an authentic voice. They are able to connect with their audience, fit their purpose for writing and reveal their voice.

Choosing the Right Words

“Good writing has specific nouns and verbs and strong words that deliver the writer’s message.” (www.greatsource.com)

#7: Good writers are men (and women) of letter, wordsmiths who play with words. They have the ability to choose the right words and use them properly – in the right place and at the right time.


#8: Good writers have a passion for writing and this passion is visible in their works. If the author cares for something so much, then he’ll make the audience care, too. They speak to their audience through their writing.

Reading Other People’s Work

#9: Good writers are always interested in reading something that others have written. They are ready to learn, adopt novelties, work on their style and improve their writing. Reading is a great learning source.

Listening to Other People

#10: Successful writers are listeners. They listen to other people and show interest in what they have to say. They are able to incorporate their own experiences and emotions with the experiences and emotions of others and create a great mix of words and plots that can make great writing pieces.

Extra Traits of Successful Writers

  • Successful writers know how to study the markets and write for specific markets. They can figure out what the audience wants before anyone else does, then write something that meets this need.
  • They are enthusiastic, but also prudent at the same time. They know when to step back, look at the big picture and wait for the right opportunity.
  • Successful writers have the willingness and ability to self-promote without being overly-promotional. They know how to attract and motivate people to read their work.
  • They have a network of contacts that help him promote their writing. They know writers all across the country (and even across the globe) and network effectively with these people.
  • Successful writers have the ability to create and nourish a fan base. They get out of their way to engage with other people in their communities.

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10 Most Important Characteristics of Successful WritersWhether they write novels, books, articles, web content, etc., successful writers have certain characteristics which make their writing experience wor…