You might sometimes think that being the best is impossible, or extremely difficult, and unachievable. Well, I have news for you, being the best is achievable. All you need is the right techniques, and the right mindset, and you can achieve anything. Look around you, everything you see was created by someone and brought to the level of use or success that it currently is. Someone, somewhere made it possible, and there is no reason that you can not do the same.

The 10 Steps To Being The Best

  • Remove Negative Influences From Your Life – People who are negative will only bring you down. Try to eliminate people with a bad attitude that aren’t in your best interest. Don’t get sucked into believing that a friend or coworker is a good influence when they are not. Cut your losses before you suffer from the negativity of others.
  • Ignore & Disregard Haters – Lots of people get scared or upset when you try to do something they might not be capable of. They might also get mad that you might be making more money than they are or that you have more potential and “balls.” Don’t take what these people say into consideration at all. Completely disregard bad influences and haters like the plague.
  • Make Sure Every Day Is Better Than The Previous Day – To really succeed in life you need to be one step ahead tomorrow from today. Ask yourself, are you going anywhere? If you are not moving forward and progressing in your life or worse, are going backwards, you need analyze your situation and ask yourself how you can change. To really achieve progress, you need to have a goal and a destination in mind. Find it, and make it happen.
  • Strive For Perfect Health – When you are healthy you can focus better, concentrate better, and make better decisions in your every day life. Make sure you participate in regular exercise, the more the better. You can pick up running, hiking, tennis, basketball, swimming, martial arts, and so many other activities to keep your health top notch. Eat healthy by sticking with more pure foods like vegetables and fruits. Try Yoga for the ultimate health benefit.
  • Sleep Normal Hours – I am sure a lot of us have slept very strange hours, or very limited hours. This is a problem. When you don’t sleep normally your body doesn’t function at its optimal level, thus making everyday tasks more difficult. Your body gets its best sleep rest when you sleep early at night, say around 10, or 11, and get up early in the morning. Staying up all night or to really late hours and sleeping through part of the day is a sure fire way to inhibit your ability to be your best and succeed.
  • Eliminate Television – Television is a thoughtless, mindless act. It encourages lack of creativity, lack of brain functioning, and a completely sedentary lifestyle. For anyone who wants to be productive, I would highly suggest avoiding television, or if you would like to save money, completely remove your television services.
  • Respect Friends & Family – You only realize how good something is when you lose it. Don’t risk losing a great relationship that you might have with your family or friends by failing to show respect. Keep respect at all times for people who deserve it. Don’t cross the line and you should be able to maintain strong and healthy relationships which should lead to much more success on your part.
  • Always Trust Your Gut Instinct – If you feel deep down inside yourself that something is wrong, or something is right, don’t run away or hide from these feelings. Studies have shown that your gut instinct is nearly always right. Trust yourself, and if you get a bad feeling about something, take appropriate steps to mitigate the situation. You only live once, might as well do it the right way.
  • Stay Up To Date On Current Events & Worldly Affairs – Know your surroundings, follow the news, know the economy. Stay one step ahead of everyone else. It is with this keen and clear view of your surroundings that you are able to make the best decisions possible. Stay aware of events in your local community. It is possible that these events will significantly benefit you in some way. If you never knew about them, there would be no benefit.
  • Respect The System & Use It To Your Advantage – Don’t complain about the rules or the system, make the rules and the system work for you, within the confines of what is possible and doable. You will notice a lot of people out there complain or are frustrated by the state of the economy or the law. However, the smartest people use the system to their advantage and know what the boundaries are.

Conclusion About Being The Best

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be the best. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Life is about progress, and if you look around yourself you can see how much progress humans have made over the years. Be positive, be strong, and think towards the future. Set goals, work on your health, and keep good people around you. With the willingness to improve and live a good life, the future is yours and no one can stop your desire to succeed.

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10 Steps To Being The Best4.375Richard Murphy2011-10-19 23:40:52You might sometimes think that being the best is impossible, or extremely difficult, and unachievable. Well, I have news for you, being the best is a…
10 Steps To Being The BestYou might sometimes think that being the best is impossible, or extremely difficult, and unachievable. Well, I have news for you, being the best is a…