Every year Fortune magazine publishes a list of the “Most Admired Companies” in the world.

I happen to know that Apple has made this list 4 times already.  I’m an avid Mac user and anything Apple is at the top of my “want” list.  It’s funny because back in the day there were only one or two brands for everything, it was either Nike or Addidas, Coke or Pepsi, Commodore or Atari.

Brand wars now a days combined with so many types of social media and advertising are  making  it harder and harder every day to open a business and become successful, there’s just so much competition.

I decided to do a little research on these most admired companies and see if I could learn a little about what has made them so successful.

Here are the top five most admired companies and what makes them successful:

1. Apple: Apple is the ultimate “Lovemark”!  Lovemarks is a term used in advertising to describe brands that we carry in our hearts and Apple is certainly one of a kind.  Their success has been brought on by the combination of a few key elements.  These elements are innovation, creativity, research & development.

When the first iPad came out I read about a 98 year old woman who picked one up and began using it without any prior computer knowledge, this proves to us why Apple’s usability testing is probably one of their biggest success secrets.

Working for this brand is also considered one of the top dream jobs because Apple makes sure they invest in their employees. They do  not only offer benefits monetarily but also emotionally, they take care of their own and in return they have some of the best computer related products in the world.  The reciprocal relationship that Apple has with their employees is what they consider the most powerful formula for business success.

2. Google: I’m a Googler! And as soon I as write this I realize, is “Googling” even a word?  Google is the most recognized brand in the entire world, so much that we even use it as a verb, an action, no branding or marketing strategy could ever do that.  Google’s success is in their technology, their innovation in algorithms and their approach to page ranking make them leaders in the web search business. I guess it also helps that they have the world’s largest distributed computer system.  Another of their success secrets are their targeted ads, these are pretty much one of the products that generates the most revenue. Very similar to Apple, Google focuses a lot on user experience, when they launch a product their final decisions are driven first by user experience and then by revenue, they believe that “the better the user experience, the more easily money will follow”.

3. Southwest Airlines: I personally love Southwest Airlines and even more the way they have managed to use social media.  They are pretty much the only airline that actually talks to their customers.  Southwest’s motto is “Every seat is first class” and they have made it their priority to take travelers concerns into consideration.

Southwest has some great cheap airfares and their customer service is just exceptional. According to all of their employees, Southwest Airlines is one of the best places to work at. “We focus on our employees first, customers second and shareholders third” is what they live by and even now that they manage a fleet of hundreds of planes, they still remain true to this thought.

4. Amazon.com: Loved by some, hated by others, but used by all. They started by selling books and now they have grown into a huge monster that pretty much will sell and deliver anything you need, from groceries to boats. Amazon is customer driven and although their website is massive, they have managed to create a personal experiences for every user.

Their website will remember your searches and purchases and based on that it will recommend products that you might be interested, even products that other people like you have bought, all this without being invasive or pushy. Amazon has become a one-stop shop destination and have gone further by allowing people to buy items that are very hard to find. Two critical components of their service is that they’re always looking for ways to make it easier, faster and more convenient for you to buy, all this with the best credit card safety.

5. McDonald’s: Even in a world that has become concerned about nutrition, animal rights and health, the golden arches haved serve more than 27 million people every day since 2002. The franchise today has more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. The one secret to their success has been consistency and service. Their systems and procedures provide quality service, cleanliness and values to each person and these are a huge factor of the success McDonalds has today.

Think about it, no matter where you travel you will always find a McDonalds, and other than having a few cultural changes to the menu, you know that anything you order will look and taste the same as the restaurant around the corner of your home. McDonalds is a company that is highly commitment to standards, people know that no matter when they go they can rely on visiting McDonalds and getting the same quality food.

Love for their employees, user experience, exceptional customer service and customer driven, seems to be the common element in the most admired companies.

They all have one success secret in common, they genuinely care about their people, in the company and outside of the company. I guess this makes sense, when we feel that a brand has our needs in mind and actually delivers them, we can be sure that we will have a product that we will cherish and value. In return, our true satisfaction is what makes these companies so successful at what they do!

Author: Ann Brampton

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5 Most Admired Companies and What Made Them Successful4.125Richard Murphy2011-03-03 19:16:11Every year Fortune magazine publishes a list of the “Most Admired Companies” in the world.
I happen to know that Apple has made this list 4 times alr…
5 Most Admired Companies and What Made Them SuccessfulEvery year Fortune magazine publishes a list of the “Most Admired Companies” in the world.
I happen to know that Apple has made this list 4 times alr…