Most dieters understand in order to lose weight they must expend more energy (calories) than they consume. However, while eating less and exercising more is a good way to start there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order for significant weight loss to occur. By understanding what goes into weight loss one can begin to formulate a plan to reach their goals in a certain time frame. Gaining a better appreciation for what it takes to lose weight will also help dieters set more realistic goals that will lead to steady, long-term weight loss.

Understanding How To Lose Pounds

First one must understand what it takes to lose a pound. A typical pound contains 453 grams and a gram of fat holds nine calories. There are a few other factors to take into account but when it is all said and done a typical pound of body fat is comprised of 3,500 calories. Thus, in order for someone to lose a single pound of fat he/she must expend 3,500 more calories than they consume.

Understanding Calories

There are many factors that go into this calorie equation that will change from one dieter to the next. In order to figure out the proper number of calories to consume to lose weight certain specifics such as bodyweight, lifestyle, and exercise frequency must be factored into the equation. A good standard for daily caloric expenditure is 10 times ones bodyweight. For example, a 200 pound male should expect to burn 2,000 calories just performing typical daily functions. For example, a person who does not exercise and works a desk job will fall in this 10x category. Someone who has a slightly more active profession and finds themselves in the gym a few times a week will burn approximately 12 times their bodyweight daily. Finally, anyone working a strenuous job or someone who is in the gym daily can burn 15 times the body weight each day.

Calories Burned By Weight

The difference between an inactive 200lb male and an active one can be more than 1,000 calories burned per day. With a pound of fat containing 3,500 calories this means lifestyle could account for a two pound difference each week for two dieters with similar bodyweight.

Losing Weight By Reducing Calories

The easiest way to tip the calorie equation in one’s favor is to consume less total calories per day. This can be achieved through a diet that removes high-calorie items such as alcoholic beverages, fried foods, and sweets. Finding a way to cut 500 calories from their daily diet could help someone lose an additional pound of bodyweight per week. To do so dieters must learn how to count the calories they are consuming each day. By keeping a journal of foods and their calories it can be quite easy to see where necessary cuts must be made.

Calorie Based Weight Loss Conclusion

As dieters begin to lose weight they will have to tweak the system to account for their lower body weight. Their bodies will begin burning fewer calories per day which for most is more than a fair trade-off. By counting calories, exercising, and staying active one can begin winning the calorie equation and start losing weight.


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Basic Calorie Guide to Losing Weight4.4375Richard Murphy2011-07-29 11:08:16Most dieters understand in order to lose weight they must expend more energy (calories) than they consume. However, while eating less and exercising m…
Basic Calorie Guide to Losing WeightMost dieters understand in order to lose weight they must expend more energy (calories) than they consume. However, while eating less and exercising m…