The US is unlike almost anywhere else on Earth. There are so many cities to choose from, and places that you could move. You might be deciding whether to take a job offer and the possibility of moving. You might be asking yourself what the benefits are of moving to one city versus another. This article will guide you through some of the decision making process and make it easier for you to decide where to live.

What Comes First

Before choosing where you want to live, you first need to know what you want. Are you single and eager to meet other people to date or to do fun activities like hiking or surfing? Are you married with a family and looking for better value for your money and a lower cost of living? Due to all of the different factors associated with living in a place, I won’t rank the best cities, but I will list some of the best.

  • San Diego, CA – San Diego is located in beautiful sunny southern California and offers a wonderful wealth of beauty, activities, and outdoor recreation. San Diego has amazing year round weather. It won’t get too cold, it won’t get too hot. The summer time is a dream in San Diego, it feels like you are living in a paradise. People are in great shape in San Diego, and there are a lot of active people. A majority of people you find in San Diego are tourists, transplants, or college students. Keep this in mind before moving there. Also, there are not a lot of big companies in San Diego so you might have trouble finding work there.
  • San Francisco, CA – San Francisco is an amazing town filled with more diversity than almost anywhere else on the planet. You will find some of the best restaurants in the world here, and some of the most interesting and creative people around. If you are involved in tech such as software engineering or electrical engineering San Francisco is the place to be. There are a lot of tech start up companies in San Francisco. One thing that is important to mention about SF is that unlike LA and San Diego, San Francisco feels like a big city and if you live in the city it will give you that inner city feel like in New York or London. Also keep in mind that the cost of living is very high in San Francisco.
  • LA, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, CA – LA and the surrounding areas can be an incredible place to live for people looking to get ahead or people in the entertainment industry. The saying, “you gotta throw it, show it, and blow it to get by in LA” really holds some weight. Some people might find LA too much to handle, or you might find people too shallow and materialistic there. One thing that should be noted is that you will find some of the most beautiful women in the world in LA, don’t forget it ;)
  • Seattle, WA – Seattle is an amazing place for anyone who is into a modern and comfortable lifestyle. Areas like Bellvue boast some of the most impressive restaurants and companies in the US. Bellevue and surrounding areas are home to Microsoft and Boeing. People are very polite here, very modern, and also very classy. If you like forest, the outdoors, and a modern lifestyle, this is a great place to live. Seattle like San Francisco, however, is a very expensive place to live.
  • Austin, TX – Austin, Texas is an incredible city in the middle of Texas. This city has a booming economy filled with lots of tech and start ups as San Francisco has. You will also find an amazing night life here, filled with amazing bars, live concerts, and other events. The annual South By South West Festival is a perfect time to check out Sixth Street and all the night life. You can’t go wrong in Austin, the cost of living is low. University of Texas is located in Austin which has around 90,000 students. If you are in college, Austin justin might be the place to go.
  • New York City, NY – This is one of my personal favorites. No where else in the US do you have so much to do, so much class, so much happening, and so much diversity and craziness. I will warn you outright, however, New York is not for everyone. If you have a low paying job, or get uncomfortable around large groups of people, this is not the place for you. However, if you love dining out, working hard, playing hard, and meeting interesting people, there is no where better than New York City. Stop by the beautiful Soho area if you are into modeling. Soho has some of the top modeling companies in the world and you can see beautiful women models from all over the world walking around this amazing area at all times of day. Head to wall street to find some of the finest financial companies in the world as well. Whether you are into stock trading, forex, investment, financial advising, hedge funds, or anything related, this could be a perfect opportunity to land the job of your dreams.

Conclusion About US Best Cities

There are many wonderful places to live in the United States. The first thing you need to do is decide what you want and then you can make the best decision about where you want to live. Deciding on the correct city requires selecting a careful balance between cost of living, lifestyle, and career path. If you read this article, however, it should get you well on your way to deciding among some of the best places in the US to live.

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US Best Cities To Live4.375Richard Murphy2011-08-03 22:05:55The US is unlike almost anywhere else on Earth. There are so many cities to choose from, and places that you could move. You might be deciding wheth…
US Best Cities To LiveThe US is unlike almost anywhere else on Earth. There are so many cities to choose from, and places that you could move. You might be deciding wheth…