If you are reading the first sentence of this article, you’re probably interested in how you can contribute to SeekSuccess – a website aiming to become the most helpful self-improvement resource and the world’s most trusted leader on the topic available both to its writers and prospective visitors for free.

How is SeekSuccess Similar to Other Web 2.0 sites?

Revenue sharing

In terms of making money from your articles or created SeekSuccess pages, the website currently offers two most popular revenue sharing programs: Google AdSense and The Amazon Associates Program.


No Web 2.0 website is really successful without a community. The bigger and stronger the community, the more authority and credibility is given to the website. The most important thing about an online community is that the community breaths, lives and grows; this is possible through communication, self-help and helping others. Hopefully, members will share publicly available information on self-help topics based on their own experience and knowledge, and maybe even create support groups and join forces to act together toward improving lifestyles.

There are a lot of great features on the site like the following system (building a stronger relationship with your community fellow writers), sharing features, commenting, etc and new features are being worked on to improve your user experience on the site.


The content on the site is user-generated; however, you have to wait 48 hours for approval. Don’t worry about the approval policy because it is being implemented to ensure quality and avoid spamming. You don’t have to be an academic or a person of great words, or possess extraordinary writing skills. What is expected of you is:

  • to write in English,
  • watch your grammar, spelling and punctuation because the content you create must be understandable and easy to read for website visitors, and
  • to adhere to the Google AdSense Terms and Policies.

However, this element is not just the element showing similarity with other Web 2.0 websites, but it’s also the element that distinguishes SeekSuccess from other websites.

How Is SeekSuccess Different From Other Websites?

The key difference is in the topics you are going to cover with your content on SeekSuccess, and not only that, but the approach you’re going to take while writing content for your SeekSuccess article database. The approach or your writing angle (the point of view or attitude you take regarding the topic you’re writing about) is based on the principle of revealing and bringing benefits to the reader. Our main goal is to provide visitors with benefits, and our second goal is to make money. If your first goal is to make money, think about changing that for this simple reason:

If your visitors are satisfied with your content, Google will know about it. If you bring benefits, it’s highly likely people are going to share your content with others and help you build natural links to your posts. This scenario can be described as a situation in which you can say that people love your content, and if you’re not familiar with this saying: “Google loves you only when everybody else loves you first” – think about it, and there’s your answer to why creating beneficial content for your readers should be goal #1 and making money from this content #2.

What Is Self-Help Content and What Topics Fall Under This Category?

Self-help, also referred to as self-improvement, self-guided improvement or self-growth, is a way to help yourself and others economically, intellectually, or emotionally by employing psychological elements in your endeavors; as a SeekSuccess contributor – in your writing. You don’t have to be a psychologist to do that; just ask yourself this question before you submit your article, image, review, video, product or audio file for publication on SeekSuccess:

In what way does the visitor benefit from reading this content?

Why This Stress On Benefits?

Please note that stressing benefits, and not features, is the most important element of copywriting. Writing web copy is an art, a craft of writing to sell or motivate website visitors to take action and convert while on your web pages. Writing on SeekSuccess is a perfect opportunity to craft that skill and start making money from your articles.

If you have been studying and applying SEO techniques, you’ve also probably heard that you should write for your visitors, and not search engines. Therefore, we end up with stressing benefits again.

What If Your Niche Doesn’t Match Any Of The Self-Help Topics On SeekSuccess?

There’s a simple solution to your doubts and worries if you think that the topic you’re focused on doesn’t meet the goal of this website or any of the topics it promotes. What’s the broad topic related to your topic? For example, a friend told me she’d be interested in joining the site, but considering the fact that she was writing about toys, she had worries that the niche she was focused on wouldn’t fit in any of the self-help categories on the website.

This is where we start thinking about our approach to the topic we’re writing about. Let’s say you want to bookmark a webpage about board games for kids, or write an article, a review or a description of a product; how can your reader benefit from the post?

Of course, you’ll emphasize the benefits of the product, in this case of the board game(s) for kids:

  1. Is the board game educational in nature? What will the child learn by playing it? 
  2. What useful skills can a kid develop by playing this game?
  3. How can this game improve kids’ memory?
  4. How can this game help children learn new vocabulary?
  5. How can this boarding game improve family life? Will it be a fun game for the whole family? 
  6. How can the board game spice up kids parties? Etc.

Learn To Be A Successful Copywriter

Take the time to learn copywriting skills. SeekSuccess is a great place to start and craft your writing skills, but you should use these on every other website you’re contributing to with your content. Stay tuned for a series of useful web copy articles you will surely benefit from :)

List Of Self-Help Categories and Sub-Topics on SeekSuccess

Here’s a list of all the categories and (sub-) topics classified as self-improvement content (if you can’t find your niche, please, read the ideas and solutions described above):

Money & Career

  • Article Marketing
  • Business Consulting • Business Development • Business Etiquette • Business Opportunities • Business Start-Up
  • Career Change • Career Coaching • Career Development • Corporate Training • Creating & Managing Wealth • Customer Service
  • Debt & Debt Consolidation
  • Employee Motivation • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Freedom • Financial Literacy • Forex
  • Green Jobs/Green Careers
  • Home Business • Human Resources
  • Identity Theft • Insurance • Internet Marketing • Interviewing Skills • Investing
  • Legal Services
  • Making Money Online • Management Skills • Marketing Strategy • Mortgage & Home Finance
  • Network Marketing & MLMs
  • Personal Finance • Public Relations
  • Real Estate • Resume Writing • Retirement & Retirement Planning
  • Sales Management Training • Sales System • Sales Training • Search Engine Optimization • Small Business Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Stock Trading • Strategic Planning
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Women In Business

Health & Fitness

  • Acupuncture • Adult & Senior Development • Aerobics • Aging & Longevity • Alternative Medicine • Alzheimer’s • Anti-Aging • Applied Kinesiology • Aromatherapy • Arthritis Treatment • Autism • Ayurveda
  • Back & Neck Pain • Biofeedback • Body Building • Breathing
  • Chiropractic
  • Dietary Supplements • Dieting & Weight Loss
  • Elder Care • Energy Bars • Exercise Equipment
  • Facial Exercise • Fitness & Exercise
  • Healing Arts • Health Clubs • Health Education • Health Products & Services • Heart Disease • Herbal Remedies & Herbs • Holistic Health • Human Development • Human Growth Hormone
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Martial Arts • Massage & Massage Therapy • Men’s Issues • Migraines & Headaches • Mind Body Healing
  • Natural Health • Naturopathic Medicine • Nutrition • Nutritional Assessment
  • Obesity
  • Pain Management • Personal Training • Physical Therapy • Pilates • Pregnancy
  • Qigong
  • Reflexology • Reiki • Retreats, Spas, & Vacations
  • Scenar • Smoking – How to Quit • Sound Therapy • Sports • Stretching • Superfoods
  • Walking • Wellness • Women’s Issues
  • Yoga

Mental Health

  • 12 Step Programs
  • Abuse & Recovery • Addiction & Recovery • Agoraphobia • Anger Management • Anxiety • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Behavior Modification • Bipolar Disorder
  • Codependency • Conflict Resolution
  • Death & Dying • Depression • Dream Information
  • Eating Disorders • Energy Psychology
  • Gratitude • Grief & Bereavement
  • Hypnosis
  • Intervention • IQ Test & EQ Test
  • Memory Training & Improvement • Mind Control
  • Overcoming Fear • Overcoming Trauma
  • Panic Attacks • Positive Psychology • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder • Psychology • Puzzles & Brain Teasers
  • Sports Psychology • Subliminal Messages & Learning • Substance Abuse
  • Therapy/Counseling

Personal Growth

  • Abundance • Accelerated Learning • Achievement • Assessment Tools • Assetiveness Training • Attitude
  • Body Language • Brain Enhancement • Business Networking
  • Coach Training • Communication Skills & Training • Continuing Education
  • Distance Learning & E-Learning
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques • Emotional Intelligence • Empowerment • Executive Coach & Coaching
  • Future Trends
  • Goal Setting
  • Habits • Home School & Home Schooling
  • Imagery & Visualization • Improving Vocabulary • Inspiration • Inspirational Quotes • Instincts & Basic Instincts • Integrity
  • Landmark Education • Law of Attraction • Leadership • Life Coach & Life Coaching • Life Transitions • Listening Skills
  • Manifestation • Mastermind & Groups • Mind Power • Motivation • Motivational Products & Services
  • Negotiation Skills • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Organizination Skills
  • Peak Performance • Personal Accountability • Personal Development • Persuasion • Productivity • Prosperity • Public Speaking • Publishing
  • Role Models
  • Self Help Books • Self-Esteem & Self Confidence • Self-Publishing • Seminars & Workshops • Social Networking & Social Media • Speed Reading • Stage Fright • Stress Management • Success Coaching •Success Principles
  • Team Building • Time Management • Transformation
  • Vision Boards
  • Wisdom • Writing Tools


  • Baby Boomers • Beauty
  • Charity & Volunteering • Cooking & Recipes
  • Environmental & Green Living
  • Fashion • Feng Shui • Foreign Language Training
  • Gardening • General Self Help
  • Hair Loss • Happiness • Humor, Fun, & Games
  • Journaling
  • Life Lessons • Life Work Balance
  • Magazines
  • Peace • Pets
  • Relaxation
  • Travel


  • Affirmations • Akashic Records • Astrology • Aura
  • Belief
  • Channeling • Christianity •Consciousness & Awareness • Creativity
  • Energy Healing & Medicine • Enlightenment
  • Faith
  • Horoscopes • Human Design
  • Imagination • Inner Peace • Intuition
  • Life Balance
  • Meditation • Miracles • Mysticism
  • New Age •Numerology
  • Palm reading • Positive Thinking • Psychic Readings & Psychics • Purpose of Life
  • Religion
  • Self Realization • Spiritual Growth • Spiritual Guides • Spiritual Healing
  • Tarot


  • Blended Families • Child Development
  • Dating •Divorce • Domestic Violence & Abuse
  • Family • Forgiveness • Friendship & Loneliness
  • Infidelity • Intimacy
  • Love
  • Marriage • Men’s Psychology
  • Parenting • Passion
  • Relationship Advice
  • Singles
  • Tantra • Teenagers & Parenting • Trust


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