I wanted to fill you in one one of the most effective lifting regimines I know. It involves making sure that you give the proper muscles rest, and that you work the right combinations of muscle groups on the right days. If you work out with these correct techniques, as well as follow a balanced diet, you are going to see significant results right away.

The Goal Of Effective Weight Lifting

When I look at effective weight lifting, there are a couple things that I look at. One, am I seeing gains that can be seen visually. In other words, is it noticeable that I am working out? The next thing I look at is body fat. If you lift effectively on a regular basis you will notice that you start to lose body fat. The next thing I look at is muscle soreness, if my muscles are sore after the workout then I know I am doing things right. If you don’t push it, or you don’t feel this soreness, then it is likely you are not working out properly. Working out effectively will give you increased stamina, increased strength, and you will feel better psychologically because of the work your body is doing to lift.

Workout Methods

For working out effectively, I recommend a warm up on the treadmill or other cardio machine for at least 10-15 minutes to get your blood flowing and your adrenalin pumped for maximum lifting potential. Warming up isn’t necessary but I feel that it more easily gets your body into the groove so to speak. I recommend splitting the muscle groups into the following groups and only working each set of muscle groups per day that you workout:

Effective Weight Lifting Muscle Groups

  • Back & Bi’s – This is one of my favorite muscle groups. The back exercises can start with a military pull down press. The bicep exercises can include bicep curls or other various routines. The pump and strength gain you can see from this muscle grouping is awesome.
  • Chest & Tri’s – This grouping is also really awesome, start with the bench press and work it really hard. Your triceps are a great supportive muscle and one of the most important muscles in your body for physical looks. Kill your triceps and you are going to see great results.
  • Shoulders – This isn’t my favorite of muscle groups, but it is definitely necessary for that full body, sculpted look. Shoulder lifts to the front and side can be done here, as well as the shoulder press.
  • Legs – I am not a big fan of leg exercises because I use other types of exercises and workouts to strengthen my legs like bike riding, however, there is a lot to be said for working your leg muscles. You can gain more muscle in your upper body if you do leg workouts. The squat is an excellent routine to work your core strength, but be careful while doing these types of exercises that you are very stable or you could risk back injury.

Ensuring An Effective Routine

The above muscle groups should be properly set up such that you do each grouping on one day, and you wait at least two days in between each weight lifting session. I recommend that when you lift, you lift really hard so you can see maximum effect. This means breaking your muscles down every session to see maximum results. Your muscles need to repair themselves, and if you aren’t pushing it to the limit, you aren’t going to see many gains. The great thing about the above exercises is that they are complementary muscle groups. What this means is that each muscle group you work like, bi’s, is separate enough from your back exercises, and incorporated enough into the routines, that you don’t risk overdoing it by doing a chest & tri workout the next day. Focus on the above muscle groupings and you are going to be in good shape.

Weight Lifting Conclusion

By following the above guidelines, you are well on your way to getting a sculpted and ripped body. Stay diligent in your efforts, work hard, and incorporate a balanced diet and a consistent routine. If you follow these basic and simple techniques there is a very high likelyhood that you are going to see excellent results!


If you have always wanted to get completely ripped and have the body of your dreams, then it is definitely possible. If you follow the right bodybuilding routine, and perform the proper exercises, you will be absolutely amazed at the results that can be achieved.

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An Effective Lifting Program4.375Richard Murphy2011-11-23 14:58:12I wanted to fill you in one one of the most effective lifting regimines I know. It involves making sure that you give the proper muscles rest, and th…
An Effective Lifting ProgramI wanted to fill you in one one of the most effective lifting regimines I know. It involves making sure that you give the proper muscles rest, and th…