Feature Set

Normally, both newcomers and veterans are interested in getting to know more about the site features. In this article, we’ll keep you posted on all the upcoming features so stay tuned for improvements. Currently, we have a minimal feature set and only one gathering place for our members – the comment section. You don’t have to be a member to comment on a post, but keep in mind that every comment will be checked to weed out spam or trolls.

The feature set includes:

  • the possibility to publish different content types,
  • the follower/following system so that you can be informed about what others are doing on the site and that they can be informed about your latest activities on SeekSuccess,
  • the commenting system so that our members (and visitors) can talk to each other, and
  • various profile features (please visit the link to creating a meaningful member profile in the section below).

Content Types

After you (sign up and) log in, you can publish different types of content* on SeekSuccess (notice the appropriate word requirements):

(at least 350 words long),

(at least 200 words long),

(your video description must be at least 75 words long and up to a maximum of 300 words),

(your description of the image has to be 300 words maximum)

(at least 150 words long)

(maximum of 300 words)

(at least 150 words)

* You are allowed to include up to 2 external links in every type of content except in a bookmark. Check out each of the content types to learn more about their corresponding content guidelines.

Every time you log in, there will be a link to the page for publishing content (“publish”) listing the content types and submission pages for each content type in the order provided above.

You and Your Buddies

  • Follow Me vs. I Follow You - As the SeekSuccess community continues to grow, you’ll notice that members will become more involved and spend more time socializing with others. Surely you’ll find the feature that lets you follow someone’s activities quite useful and entertaining. You can find the list of people who follow you and your own list of followers on your profile page in the left sidebar.
  • Gathering Places - We want our community to grow and that’s why we’ll surely face a constant demand for new gathering places. We’ve got some great features on the way to improve your community experience through interaction so stay tuned for new gathering places in the future. In the meanwhile, you can talk to other members by commenting on their posts and replying to comments you receive on your own posts.


The common comment policy is to respect the authors and other commenters, refrain from offensive language, use acceptable commenter name types, avoid self promotion, etc.

We encourage comments that are at least 2 or 3 well thought out sentences because short one line comments rarely add much to the conversation.

Your Member Profile

As a member on SeekSuccess, you’ll have your own profile page to introduce yourself as the author of all of your posts. After registration, working on your profile should be your very first step on the site. The process of filling in your profile information is simple and fun; pick an image and your display name, write something about you and your interests, enter your account information, and more. Please, visit the link above and the Quick Start Guide for more information.


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