Friendship & loneliness are closely related when you look at the impact they bring to human lives. A friend is someone that gives a feeling of safety and comfort when in their company. Friends are people who look out and have mutual respect and understanding for you.

When in crises, friends are there to help out without showing diffidence. With friendship, there is a person to listen to and tell things that may not ordinarily be told to others. True friendship lets you speak without having to measure your words, judge or control your emotions.

To a point, friendship is a type of love. When you love someone, you find that you tend to care for them. It is not limited to polite necessities, but takes work and commitment.

With friendship, there is no expectation of a payback and it is a type of responsibility that a person should like to have. A friend can say no without explaining why and you will understand. Friendship is a relationship that can withstand a storm and upheavals of time.

Loneliness on the other hand can represent or mean so many things, like being alone. It may be a feeling of isolation and being cut out from everyone else. Loneliness can be associated with failure, death, separation, and low self esteem.

Loneliness comes in different forms. The most common is physical, but it is also common for loneliness to be spiritual or intellectual. It can be a child who feels neglected or an old man feeling so alone because the wife or partner is dead.

There are many factors that can result in loneliness, like moving to a new environment or inability to interact because of language barriers. Loneliness may be caused because of discrimination due to religion, sexuality, race, physical ability, or gender. Loneliness can also be caused due to a lack of opportunity to get involved and mix with other people.

Another thing to include is the way a person see themselves. A person may feel they don’t have much to offer other people and because of this, they do not interact. Lack of trust in other people can cause one to be isolated, and it can be difficult especially if you’ve had an experience of abuse or violence.

There is no single do it all solution to cure loneliness, because different problems require different solutions. The solution depends on the frequency with which a particular person feels lonely. Some people feel loneliness regularly and others, not as much. Loneliness may arise when someone has little contact with other people or feel they have a very minimal value in their lives.

When a person feels lonely for a long time, it can bring with it a deep feeling or thinking that everything is useless and a sensation of being separate from everyone else. Depression and loneliness are also closely interlinked. It is often confused with depression, but depression can also trigger it.

Friendship & Loneliness Conclusion

When talking about friendship & loneliness, know that when friendship is in existence, it can cure any feeling of loneliness. This is because when there are people in an individual’s life who matters to them, they will know they are not alone. Accommodating and having loved ones around often takes the mind away from certain things that may otherwise trouble the mind.

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Friendship & LonelinessFriendship & loneliness are closely related when you look at the impact they bring to human lives. A friend is someone that gives a feeling of safety …