If you are reading this article, you are most probably interested in what SeekSuccess is all about and how you can use the site to your benefit. There are many reasons why writing on SeekSuccess is a great choice if you enjoy self-help topics. Please, visit our Quick Start Guide to learn about the benefits and reasons why you should start using the site and how to get maximum value out of it.

This help documentation has been organized in such way to make your experience on the site easier and more productive. Hopefully, you’ll find all the information you need about SeekSuccess and ways to get engaged as a member or visitor. This is what we’ve prepared for you:

What SeekSuccess Is All About

This section is an overview of SeekSuccess where you can learn more about how the website came to existence and where it’s headed to, what it has to offer you and what we have done so far to meet your needs. The staff works on the design for growth and change; we’re trying hard to build a thriving community and address the needs of newcomers.

Feature Set

This section is about site features. Currently, we have basic Web 2.0 features, but we are working on additional features to improve your user experience on SeekSuccess. We plan to release them as soon as we feel that the community has grown enough to use them. In the Feature Set section, you’ll read about the content types you can publish on SeekSuccess, how to participate in the community and interact with others using the follower/following system, commenting and the importance of creating a meaningful member profile.

Publishing Content

The Content section will teach you the basic characteristics of self-help writing and introduce the self-help categories we have on the site. There is also a step-by-step tutorial on how to submit an article on SeekSuccess, which can be applied to publishing other media as well. You’ll also learn about the functionality of the Content Manager in your profile and how to edit a published post.

Revenue Sharing

If you already have your Google AdSense Publisher ID and your Amazon Tracking ID, that is, if you are acquainted with these two revenue sharing programs, you’ll learn how to enter your data in the profile Earnings settings (required to start earning money from your content).

On the other hand, if you are new to making money online and revenue sharing based on user-generated content, this section will help you to get started and learn more about how to monetize your content on SeekSuccess.

Feedback – Testing Guidelines – Creating Your Account

The Feedback Loops section is very important for both of us because we can find out about your experience on SeekSuccess and work on improvements. You’ll find out how to address any sort of difficulties that may occur and submit potential bugs that need our attention. Pay special attention to the Introduction & Testing Document because that’s where you’ll find out how to create an account on SeekSuccess and what your next steps are to test the functionality of the site.

Is SeekSuccess an Article Directory?

This article will explain the definition of an article directory and compare SeekSuccess with the two most common article directory definitions – the neutral and the negative one.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide will help you get started after creating an account on SeekSuccess. Among other things, you’ll find the best information on how to create your member profile.

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