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I’ve read somewhere that if we act in ways that end up hurting us, it is because we have been programmedto act in this self-defeating way. Even if this is true, if you are acting the way that end up hurting you, you should ask yourself how this behavior influences you. Of course, you may not even be conscious that you are doing something wrong, but we’ll take the example of fantasizing too much to prove the case and to warn you to watch what your mind is doing and how you react to your way of thinking.

If we fantasize too much, it’s highly likely our mind will stop us from achieving our goals. Dreaming big is good, but enthusiasm should go arm under arm with prudence. Imagination produces creativity, but too much imagination produces idleness.

One research project showed that people who had spent most of their time fantasizing about getting a new job or a raise, performed the worst, meaning that they applied for fewer jobs, got less job offers and lower salaries in case they did find a job.

We’ve heard many times that we have to change our way of thinking and start thinking positive, imagine positive situations and success will come. Think pink and the world will become pink. However, this is not true in most cases. Fantasizing doesn’t prepare us to face the obstacles or problems we may encounter on our way to accomplish our goals. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fantasize, it’s just that you have to be careful not to fantasize excessively.


Too much imagination causes procrastination, the worst enemy stopping you from achieving your goals. The best way to defeat this enemy is to start somewhere.

Focusing on Small Tasks

Focusing on small tasks while you’ve got big ones waiting for you is never a good idea. For example, many students have never finished college because they left the most difficult exams as the last ones to take. Solution: “Eat the biggest frog first.” Of course, if you have a problem with procrastination, it’s a good thing to start with small tasks, just don’t let this practice give you a false feeling of being highly productive. You could write a to-do list every day for the next day; one which is a must-do list and one which is to-do-soon list.

Imagining All the Negative Outcomes

Another peril of fantasizing is the other extreme – imagining all the negative outcomes and ways you’ll fail will also stop you from working your way out to achieve your goals. Remember that you are the ruler of your mind – you can control your mind and you can decide not be controlled by your own mind. Just work hard and hope for the best. Even if you fail, you’ll get a second chance.

Don’t indulge yourself in fantasies, negative or positive. Focus on the present moment and make the best of it by performing all the tasks you can effectively.

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How Fantasizing Too Much Can Stop Us From Achieving Our GoalsI’ve read somewhere that if we act in ways that end up hurting us, it is because we have been programmedto act in this self-defeating way. Even if t…