Google’s search algorithms are so complex that even leading search engineers don’t know how they work, therefore, you shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to figure them out. On-page SEO the way we know it is still important today (writing content based on keyword research, density and placement). Off-page SEO is the part that’s constantly changing and I believe you’ve had the opportunity to realize that yourself lately, especially after the most recent Google algorithm updates.

Lots of people sell the concept of easily making money online. Only fools and desperate people buy it. You must know that succeeding in the online writing business, just like in any other business, means a lot of work and time invested in that work. The new SEO is better and much more efficient because instead of working on artificial link building, you have to work on building contacts and relationships. Hopefully, you already see how you can benefit from this new strategy. The strategy is nothing new in itself, but our attitude toward this strategy may be something new (at least, it should be).

Social Media Optimization – SMO

Opening a Twitter account, building a Facebook, LinkedIn or Tumblr page and sharing your content on Digg, Delicious or Reddit will not help you triple your revenue right away. There’s an important element that you need to understand to make social media marketing work for you. People won’t visit your webpages in droves. Instead, you have to arm yourself with patience and some free time to dedicate yourself to the members in your social network, get to know them and let them to get to know you, so that they could become interested in your work. Social media is extremely powerful, but only if used strategically over time.

Using social media doesn’t mean sharing your content over and over again on your social networks hoping you’ll increase traffic to your website. Social media means talking to people. If you want to build a solid, sustainable business, you have to take time and work on building relationships with people online.  It is very likely that the new SEO won’t be successful unless you turn to social media optimization – building relationships with your online friends, followers, fans and customers. You shouldn’t be the key person sharing your content; on the contrary, your readers are the key people who should be sharing your content, create a buzz about it and keep it turning on the Internet.

Why Should Anyone Read Your Content?

Unless you are a well established, credible online authority, why should anyone read your content? There are hundreds of millions of web pages out there and there’s a person behind each of them wanting their web pages to be read and visited on a regular basis. You may have some really great content on your website, but just a few readers.  To increase the number of your readers, you need to give them another compelling reason to visit your website. The reasons why people would read your pages may have something to do with who you are. If you read other people’s content, comment, ask questions and give answers, it’s highly probable people will do the same in return.

What Is The New SEO About?

Some people go that far as to describe it as magic, and although serious SEO can really become quite technical, it seems that the new SEO could be much simpler than thinking in terms of bots, algorithms, link building and latent semantic indexing. These things are still important, but there’s something else we’ll have to work on so that the other part could perform better. The new SEO will focus on talking to people, building relationships instead of links (this way they’ll come naturally and Google will recognize them as such) and using social media to make it all happen.

Guest blogging

Another great way to make new friends and build relationships is through guest blogging. When you choose a blog where you want to contribute, make sure you read some posts and comment on them first. “Nice, thank you” or “great post” are not the kind of comments you should write so don’t make the mistake of commenting in such way. A comment should be worthwhile, it should add something to the whole topic or the conversation going on in the comment section. It has to be clear from the comment that you’ve actually read the post you’re commenting on.

Then make the first contact, meet the blogger and ask if you can contribute as a guest blogger. Keep in mind that you have to write a post on the topic covered on this blog. Ask if you can include an external link (or two) in this post; more than two links pointing to your web pages would be too much. Show that you are interested in the work of the blogger you’re contacting and in the response he or she is getting in the comments.

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How To Keep Pace With The New SEOGoogle’s search algorithms are so complex that even leading search engineers don’t know how they work, therefore, you shouldn’t be wasting your ti…