If you want to knock an interviewers socks off, you need to follow certain steps so that you can control the interview, and take your job to the next level. Say the right things, act the right way, and do what is right, and you are going to end up blowing the interviewer away. Say the wrong things, and you will be sure to get nearly kicked out of the interview room as soon as possible. I will be sharing with you below, 10 of the most absolutely killer interview techniques I have found from my own experience.

10 Killer Interview Techniques

  1. Generate a list of 5 questions you will ask the interviewer and their associated answers. – Make sure you think of a list of 5 of the most likely questions the interviewer will ask you, and then write down what the corresponding set of answers will be. Make sure these questions are relevant, and express a lot of interest to the interviewer when you ask them. A lot of the times time will stand still at interviews, and you absolutely don’t want time to come to a stand still, you want to be prepared to break the silence with confidence and be on top of your game.
  2. Generate a list of 5 questions you might be asked and their associated answers. – Make sure you think of a list of 5 core questions you might be asked and thier associated answers. This step is really important. Performing this step properly can show preparedness, knowledge, and tact. You don’t want to hesitate when questions are asked to you, you want to at least have a set of questions and their responses flowing through your head so that you can get some idea of how to respond to difficult interview questions.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the company dress code. – It is important to dress well, but only one step ahead of the company culture dress code. I have heard many stories about people going into Microsoft interviews with a suit and not getting the job for this specific reason because they are overdressed. If your boss is wearing shorts and flip flops, as some companies in San Diego, you don’t want to be overly dressed. Obviously, you want to look nice, be cleanly groomed, and wear clean and ironed clothes, but make sure you fit in, instead of fit out.
  4. Research the company online. – There is a very high likelihood you will be asked if you know certain things about the company. There are also many times during the interview wear you can mention things you have learned about the company, or elaborate when your interviewer is asking you questions about the way things are done there. It is a great idea to have solid knowledge about the company as much as possible before you go into the interview. Study up on the company before the interview by thoroughly browsing their web site.
  5. Bring a portfolio of all materials possible to the interview. – The more helping you on your side the better. Any technical documentation, letters of recommendation, cover letters, why you should hire me letters, sample work, presentations on laptops, or any documentation of any kind should be put carefully together in a folder and brought to the interview. Remember, it can’t hurt to have too much, but it can definitely help to have too little.
  6. Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and avoid alcohol before the interview for at least 3 days. – A lot of people might not think about this one, but by simply ensuring you have a good night’s rest, are properly hydrated, and avoid drinking alcohol for days prior to the interview you can ensure that you are operating at your best.
  7. Go running at least three times the prior week of the interview. – Did you know that an increased metabolism, as well as feeling the effect of a few recent runs can boost your memory, clarity, and all around brain function? Add this to the list and you will kill it in the interview room.
  8. Practice proper body language and a confident and upright posture. – When you are not speaking, guess what the interviewer will be looking at? That’s right, you. Make sure you are not hunched over and that you project positive, and confident body language.
  9. Work on your speaking and listening skills. – The better listener you are, the better you can communicate. The better speaker you are, the better you can communicate. Consider working with a friend or relative one on one and being critiqued on your speech. Consider taking a class on the subject.
  10. Go through the previous 9 steps and make sure you have everything down perfectly. – Knowing the right steps and then not doing anything about it doesn’t get you anywhere. Go back through all of the previous steps and make sure you understand them with crystal clarity. Practice your questions, practice your speech, ensure you get proper sleep, etc. Remember, when it comes to anything of high value, there is nothing more effective than anything that can improve your standing and value. Happy interviewing and good luck!/li>

Killer Interview Techniques Conclusion

It is absolutely imperative to be prepared before an interview. The interviewer only has a very short and limited time to see how good of a candidate you are, and he is going to pay attention to every detail he observes to decide whether or not you get the job. If you follow the above techniques, and closely rehearse and familiarize yourself with the entire set of techniques, you will surely maximize your chance of interview success. Remember, an interview is no different than any other interpersonal interaction you might have with others. Interviewers want to see interest, knowledge, ability to work with others, personality, and skill set.

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10 Absolutely Killer Interview TechniquesIf you want to knock an interviewers socks off, you need to follow certain steps so that you can control the interview, and take your job to the next …