SeekSuccess Changes & Focus

Hello, as of recently, a significant number of new features, bug fixes, and layout changes have been made to significantly improve the functionality and usability of SeekSuccess.  With the focus on all of the bug fixing, new features, and improvements, we feel that any website visitor’s experience on this site is going to be very positive.

We are planning on adding a whole host of new features for the benefit of the user such as a bug report page, help documentation, a quick start guide, and a user testing and introduction page.  Hopefully with everything that is going in, this website is going to be an excellent user experience for everyone.  I believe that with the below list, everyone on the site will be able to see how much work has been put into SeekSuccess as of recently, and the great strides we have been making for improving the site!  I will soon think of creating a release notes blog posting per week or month or something that will show all new features that have gone into the site during that time.  If you have any user feedback to add, please send feedback to us at the following link:

We are making core stability, functionality, and efficiency our top priority at SeekSuccess.  If you have any feedback at all, please feel free to provide your feedback as we take a heavy interest in our user’s opinions about anything in regards to the layout or functionality of this site.

Quality control and content, as well as providing the best user experience possible is our goal, and with your help and our focus, we can achieve this.

Below I have decided to share with you some of the new bug fixes, new features, and layout changes that have been made in the last few weeks.  Perhaps in another post I can share with you what is on the radar and what we have planned to implement into the site in the near future.  For now, however, you can see below what we have recently been working on:

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/07/12

  • Fixed wordpress database bug on each post.
  • Modified the comments to now display the actual author’s profile image instead of a default gravatar.
  • Modified the log out link in the comments to properly log you out when you are logged in.
  • Implemented new tags input on all published content.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/08/12

  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong preview to show up.
  • Fixed a bug causing the author profile image on comments to show up incorretly on some comments in feeds.
  • Fixed a bug causing the author name on comments to show up incorretly on some comments in feeds.
  • Changed the comment link to properly link to the actual comment in the post.
  • Centered the profile image on archive pages, the home page, and profile post pages.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/09/12

  • Fixed the author feed, following feed, and feed to correctly show comments from one or more users.
  • Fixed a bug which caused an incorrect password to be emailed to your account if you lost your password
  • from either the login page, or the profile settings page.
  • Fixed the text of the lost password email to include a link to login with your new password, and to make the text more clear.
  • Moved the current password text above new password and confirm new password because this makes the most sense.
  • Fixed the profile settings page password reset to work.
  • Consolidated the code for getting the username html. This includes consolidation for the username and profile image on archive listings (including home listings), the username on single post pages, the profile page username and image. These changes allows us to consolidate all the code to the profile username and image for quick and easy changes to be made all in one location. This allows us to for example fix a bug where certain user names need to be checked for anonymous as appropriate.
  • Added the name “Profile” to prefix the author name in the profile page.
  • Implemented anonymous poster’s profile name and profile image links in the global feed and the comments. If a poster does not have a website, both the profile name and profile image links in the global feed and comments will be disabled and will not be a link. In the case that the anonymous poster’s information was specified, a link on the profile image and name will indicate that it links to the commenter’s website.
  • You can now go to the profile user’s profile by clicking on the “username” says link in a comment.
  • Fixed a bug causing following users not to update properly in the following widget and in the following list after you click to unfollow or follow a user. This fix required some technical trickery. What was happening before was that follow data was being duplicated across a user profile and the global follow data, thus causing the profile follow data to be out of sync with the global follow data. In order to fix this, I set functionality to not create follow data when you are using global follow data, and to instead point the profile follow data at the global follow data, thus sharing the necessary data and ensure follow data is in sync.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/10/12

  • Modified bookmark link on the home page to not be a link, and to be in green for emphasis.
  • Modified saving a draft to bypass all input checks and verifications, because it is a draft.
  • Modified content manager to show “(no title)” when there is no content title. Previously it was messing up formatting and not displaying anything.
  • Fixed a bug where categories that had a “&” character in the name were not getting saved properly.
  • Modified publishing text for all content to include information about the rating categories, restrictions on linking to the same domain across numerous pieces of content, max allowed external links, and an indication that you can include an unlimited number of internal links.
  • Set the max number of backlinks in bookmark content to 0, because the bookmark itself already counts for one. Set the max number of (followable) external backlinks in all other content to be 2.
  • Perfectly right aligned input fields while publishing content.
  • After deleting content, the “here” link and text now takes you to the content manager, as opposed to your profile page.
  • Spent a significant amount of time working on the preview issues. I found some issues related to previews in general. I determine that there was a problem where we were trying to preview something that didn’t exist and you were getting a permissions error, which makes sense because there was nothing there to view. The solution is to save drafts every single time you preview, so that you are previewing the existing state of your content. Unfortunately, wordpress has no temporary posts, and thus creating a new post of any kind would store database entries and mess up the counts for everything. The way wordpress does previews is it just saves the content in its current form before showing the preview window. Thus in a draft, a draft preview will show up, and in a pending state, a new pending state piece of content should be saved. Due to the complexity of these issues I was not able to finish all the work now for anything other than drafts. Rest assured that draft previews are working quite well. Previewing a published piece of content requires saving it, and saving it requires unpublishing it. I am going to have to add dialogs to handle this because unpublishing something is a serious operation.
  • Next Steps -
    • Fixed previews on content that has beeen submitted for approval and published posts.
    • Verify backlink checking code for internal and external links. Add to all content pages.
    • Implement rating categories.
    • Integrate wordpress comment reply notifications into site.
    • Send an email to users when their content is approved (including a custom message).
    • Send the moderator an email when new content is available for review.
    • Add Amazon Product customization.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/11/12

  • You can now preview all content on SeekSuccess.
  • You can now preview pending posts by accepting a confirmation dialog asking you to save as a draft.
  • You can now preview published posts by accepting a confirmation dialog asking you to save as a draft.
  • Added the ability for an administrator to get email notifications when a new post is submmited for approval.
  • Added the ability for an administrator to get email notifications when a new commented is submmited for approval.
  • Added the ability for an administrator to get email notifications when a new commented is approval.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/12/12

  • Comment reply notification now works. If you post a comment, and someone replies, you will be notified that your comment has a new reply.
  • Wrote code to implement a new feature that allows a post administrator to approve or deny approval on pending content. This code allows the moderator to specify an associated message that is associated with the approval or denial of content.
  • The original author is then emailed a message describing that his post was approved or denied, as well as any additional information on top of this that describes the approval or denial in more detail.
  • The code for the above feature is about 60 percent done but it is an imperative piece of functionality to get done, and will be a real benefit to our users when it is available.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/15/12

  • Fixed a bug limiting the format of the Amazon Tracking ID that could be input. The Amazon Tracking ID now accepts both letters and numbers, and also is not restricted in length.
  • Fixed a bug when logged in and looking to write a comment. The link to who you are logged in as was wrong, and didn’t include hover over text to view the user’s biography. This has been changed and now links with the proper profile html.
  • Changed the text when logged out to leave a comment from “leave a reply” -> “leave a comment” which is now the correct way to describe the commenting operation.
  • Changed all reply text at the top to say “Leave a Comment” which makes the most sense even if you might be replying (in almost all cases).
  • Modified the layout in posts so that h1, h2, h3, and h4 headings have a lot more space above them, and more space below them to create clearer reading for website visitors.
  • Changed the color of the profile page as well as widget profiles to more closely match the blue color theme (to not stand out as much).
  • Significantly reduced SeekSuccess page loading times and the amount of code loaded by ensuring that wordpress Admin Panel functions only get loaded in the admin panel, and not the rest of the theme.
  • Finished 90 percent of the code that allows a post moderator to write a message and then chose to approve or deny the author’s content. This will send out an email notification to the author of the content letting him know the decision that was made as to whether or not his content was approved.
  • Fixed a member list bug on upgrade that caused you not to be able to see the full list of members. You can now see the full list of members in alphabetical order.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/16/12

  • Implemented the ability for an administrator to approve or deny pending content. When the admin approves or denies pending content he will have the option to input text that will be inserted into an email to the user. The new email to the user will indicate whether his post was approved or denied and why it was approved or denied respectively.
  • Added comment indication and associated comment icon on archive content. Added code to hide the comment indicator if there is less than 1 comment.
  • Added comment indication and associated comment icon on individual content posts. Added code to hide the comment indicator if there is less than 1 comment.
  • Removed unnecessary horizontal linne underneath posts just above comments.
  • Changed the text of Comments from saying “X Responses to Post Name” to be just “X Comments.”
  • Modified the text of “You Might Also Like” and “X Comments” to be 20 pixels, which looks more readable and clear.

SeekSuccess – Release Notes – 07/17/12

  • Updated the h5, and h6 headings to have proper post spacing (where there is more space above and below the text).
  • Added more space below h1, h2, h3, and h4.
  • Made changes and modification to the post approved and denied emails to be more user friendly.
  • Added a string limited on the green bookmark url that is displayed on the home page so that it doesn’t span multiple lines.
  • Fixed formatting issues in topics page.
  • Fixed issue where some basic pages such as What We Do had the heading improperly vertically centered.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the last edited time and the post status to be empty after first saving a draft.
  • Modified hover over color of items in the profile so match and be consistent with the new profile background blue.
  • Fixed compressed height of Pingbacks in a post.
  • Fixed a bug causing the comment feed not to show up properly because the author ID was not initialized.
  • Added a custom filter to fix an issue where there was additional space above a heading at the top of a piece of content.
  • The below time zone additions make it clear to authors from around the world when exactly their posts are being published because we now display the time zone abbreviation.
  • Added the time zone to the time of a post so that people know when that time is.
  • Added the time zone to the time of the post status and last edited info when looking at content on the publish page view.
  • Added “how long since” view to the content manager for ease of viewing experience. In a lot of cases the date is not as important as knowing “how long ago” something occurred. I have tried to appropriately handle these cases with the relevant date format where appropriate. In some cases it does make sense to actually show the full date. However, in cases where we are showing the date, we should show the time zone abbreviation or else people from other parts of the world will have no idea what time posts were made.
  • Fixed a bug causing posts that were posted less than a minutes ago to show up blank for the time. They now say “Now” in this case.
  • Removed an upper case text transform to the time on the home page and removed the “0″ before the date.

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Hello, as of recently, a significant number of new features, bug fixes, and layout changes have been made to signific…
Bug Fixing & New FeaturesSeekSuccess Changes & Focus
Hello, as of recently, a significant number of new features, bug fixes, and layout changes have been made to signific…