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The content generated by our members also contributes to our community’s brand personality. We expect only high-quality content because we believe you have the ability to write meaningful, valuable and interesting posts that may be helpful to others as well as to yourself. High-quality doesn’t mean you have to have a degree in linguistics or law, or academic background at all; however, you should write in grammatically correct English, pay attention to punctuation and spelling, and format your text in a way to make it attractive to your prospective readers. These posting rules will help you grow as a writer and they will help SeekSuccess gain the reputation of a quality website.

For more information on the type of content you should focus on please read about self-help topics and don’t miss out on our official content guidelines to make sure your posts get approved as quickly as possible. It can take up to 48 hours before your submission is published and this is because every article is manually checked to keep SeekSuccess and your contributions in a safe and quality environment.

Important help documentation for content generators (you):

Self Help Writing

We’d like to remind you that self help writing is not just for purely informational purposes. It involves the kind of style and topics that come with a real benefit. This being said, in many aspects self help writing is similar to copywriting. It stresses the benefits of the belief or product you’re describing and it involves a call-to-action.


The easiest and most common way to organize your posts and browse all the posts on the website is by categorizing your content, or if you are just visiting the site to read new stuff, by checking the listings under the main topics on the home page. Please visit our page offering article directory explanations to learn more.

The main categorical theme of SeekSuccess is self-help. The topics falling under this category are listed under the following sub-categories:

Every time you open a text editor to submit a post, you’ll be provided with a list of categories. Choose the one best describing your content topic.

Submitting Content On SeekSuccess

Submitting an article on SeekSuccess is easy. After you (sign up and/or) log in, go to the Publish Content page and choose the content type you want to publish. You will be presented with a few important content guidelines regarding the content type you’ve chosen and under the guidelines text there will be a text editor ready for you to start. You can write directly in the text editor box or copy and paste your article from a Word document.

These are your steps to publish any content type:

  1. Write the title in the first box.
  2. Select the category and the sub-category matching the topic you are writing about.
  3. Enter the tags (words) explaining the topic of your content. Separate them using commas.
  4. Enter the rating categories – text items which can be rated by users when posting a comment on the published page. Choose up to 4 rating categories, separated by commas.
  5. Post Image URL or upload an image from your computer if it is appropriate considering the topic of your content. Important rule is to make sure that your image does not line up with any of the ads on the page.
  6. If you want to include a customized Amazon ad in your article (this feature is not available in other content types), enter the ASIN (identification number of an Amazon product) – if you want to advertise more products, choose the number of ASINS from the dropdown menu and separate the ASINS with commas – and choose the Amazon category (optional). If you choose an Amazon category, you will also be able to choose either a subcategory or keywords to further refine your Amazon ad. The category and subcategory options allow a user to add a targeted Amazon widget ad to your published content.
  7. Now you are ready to write (or paste) your content in the text editor. You have the option to view the text editor on full screen (click the tool button after the spellchecker). To go back to previous edit mode (this is necessary to submit the post), click the same button.
  8. Final steps – If you aren’t ready to submit your article or other media type yet, you can save it as draft and edit again later (click the Save As Draft button under the text editor). If you want to see how your post will look like after publishing, click Preview. When you’re all set up and ready, click Submit For Approval.

How to Edit Published Content

Make sure you wrote everything grammatically correct, with no spelling mistakes, including all the necessary internal and (potential) external links and complying with the content guidelines. Your submission will be reviewed and published in the period of 48 hours. After that you won’t be able to edit and publish the post immediately, but instead, you’ll need to submit the edited text for approval again. We’ve implemented this rule to protect the site from low-quality content and spam. To edit your post, go to the Content Manager in your profile (left sidebar), edit the text and submit for approval.

Content Manager

The Content Manager is a profile feature allowing you to manage your content; sort your published and submitted content in alphabetical order by title, category, type (of content), views (beginning with the most viewed posts) and status (from the oldest to the latest posts – note that the default status list is the one beginning with the latest posts).

There will also be the edit button in case you’d like to update your content (unless your posts are still waiting for approval).

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