Quick Start Introduction

Welcome to SeekSuccess! We’ve set an easy and engaging starting point for learning about SeekSuccess, our community and your opportunities as a member in this quick start guide. If you are a newcomer or member who hasn’t been active on this site for a while (or just visiting), this guide will help you find your way around and start getting the maximum value of SeekSuccess. Enjoy the tour!


SeekSuccess is a revenue sharing site and a user-generated site like most Web 2.0 sites on the Web. However, there is one characteristic that makes it much different from other revenue sharing sites – the focus on self-help content. You may already know that self improvement has recently turned into a multi-billion-a-year industry, and self-help products are constantly in demand. By writing self-help content on SeekSuccess, you increase your chances to earn more money online with Google AdSense and Amazon Associates.

To learn more about the site and ways to use it, please visit our Help Documentation pages.

Learning The Ropes

The first thing you’ll do if you are interested in becoming a member on SeekSuccess is to sign up. By signing up or registering on SeekSuccess, you create an account and have the opportunity to build your online presence on this site. The process starts by creating a meaningful member profile and using all the profile features offered to you. Then you should start publishing content, interacting with other members and invite non-members you know to join the site. We still haven’t got a referral program, but we do plan on implementing it. In the meantime, we hope you’ll be entertained by meeting new people on the site and bringing along those you already know from some other sources.

How To Get Started

Below is a list of all the sections of the getting started guide. Feel free to click on any of the below links to go to the relevant section of the quick start documentation.

Creating an Account

It’s very easy to become a member at SeekSuccess. The registration process is easy and fast; you choose your username (which cannot be changed later) and provide a valid e-mail address. We’ll immediately send you a temporary password to that address. Log in using this temporary password to gain access to the system, and you can customize the password in your personal profile later.

After you register with your chosen username, from then on, whatever you post on the website will be with that username.

For a more detailed description of creating an account, please check out the Guide To Creating A Free Account On SeekSuccess.

Creating Your Member Profile

Your member profile is a collection of information that says something about you in the context of our community. When you are logged in, you can see your personal profile, create and edit the page according to your wishes. Your personal profile includes your name and password, personal data, preferences and account information. Some of the information is not visible to others, such as your earnings and other settings visible only to you. There are certain aspects of your profile you can choose to hide as well (such as your age or gender).

Profiles are important because they offer an insight into your online identity.

The most basic aspect of your online identity is your member name or username. It usually shapes the initial impression you’ll make on the readers and your prospective online friends. You may choose your real name or a variation of your name, a name that expresses a role, profession, hobby, etc. Your username on SeekSuccess can’t have spaces, but you can enter your real name in your personal profile and it will be shown as the author name on your profile page if you chose so.

Of course, the username you choose must not violate our content standards or the Google AdSense Policy.

We have a searchable member directory so make sure you’ve completed your profile; you’ll probably be interested in seeing who else is active on the site, and people will be interested in you, too. Incomplete member profiles may leave negative impressions on others. Don’t forget, your profile could be one of your greatest online assets.

  • You can create and edit your biography when you click the Edit profile link in the left sidebar on your profile page.
  • If you have a website of your own, this is the place where you can enter the URL and gain a free backlink to your blog or website.
  • You can also add the links (URLs) to your Facebook profile, your Twitter profile and your Linkedin profile.
  • Enter your gender and birthdate – you can choose to hide your age and birthday before saving the changes.
  • Add  the city you live in, state (if you live in the USA) or country.
  • Tell the world what your occupation is.
  • About me – this is where you should describe yourself and let people know why you are a member at  SeekSuccess, what you like writing about and why. Your biography should reveal your online identity to readers and online friends.
  • Interests – add a bit more about yourself by listing your interests. Like-minded people or members sharing your interests will probably want to read more of your stuff so, don’t leave this space blank!
  • Don’t forget to save the changes!

Author Feed

The Author Feed page is a list of the latest author’s activities on SeekSuccess in chronological order.

Following Feed

The Following Feed page is a list of the latest activities of the author’s you are following on SeekSuccess.

All Posts

The All Posts page is a list of all the content an author has published on SeekSuccess. If you visit the All Posts page on your profile page, you’ll see your published content in a vertical list beginning with the latest posts.

Edit Profile

The Edit Profile page is visible only to you. This is where you’ll go if you want to make changes to your biography (see Biography above).

Profile Settings

  • Your settings include the fields for your current password and a new password if you decide to change it.
  • Your username will be displayed in one of the fields, but you can’t change it. Notice that your username is the name that you use to log in, and not necessarily the name shown to users when viewing your profile (you can choose that name separately).
  • Enter your first and last name (optional)  – you can choose to hide your first and last name on your bio before saving the changes (tick “Hide Full Name” near your image settings on the right or tick “Hide Last Name” if you want your first name to be visible).
  • State your display name – your display name will be shown on your profile page and next to every post you publish on SeekSuccess,  including comments.
  • Your email address will be under your display name so if you want to change it, that’s where you’ll enter the new email address you’d like to use in the future.
  • The last building block of your profile in your Settings is the image you’d like to have displayed next to your display name. You can choose a real photo of yourself or a photo you think best represents you or your writing. Be careful to choose a photo you own or a photo which isn’t protected by copyright law (unless you have permission to use it). Images
Profile Earnings

The Earnings page is where you will enter your Google AdSense Publisher ID and your Amazon Associates Tracking ID.

Content Manager

The Content Manager page is where you’ll go to edit your content (by clicking the edit button next to the title). You content will be displayed in chronological order (beginning with the latest posts). You can sort your content by title (in alphabetical order), category, type, views (starting with the most viewed posts), and status in chronological order (published or pending for approval).


The link to the page listing the people who follow you is in the left sidebar on your profile page.


The link to the page listing the people you follow is in the left sidebar on your profile page.

Publish Content

I Post, Therefore I Am

Posting content and commenting  will give you and the whole website a sense of liveliness.

You can publish content in the form of an article, review, video, image, website (bookmark), audio and product. Each of these media types has their own word requirement, the highest one being 350 words for publishing an article. Please, check our Publish Content section in the Help Documentation for more information. On this page, you’ll learn more about self-help writing, categories and directories on SeekSuccess, and how to submit and edit content.

Help the Community Grow

The future of our website depends on our members and their activities on the site. We haven’t implemented the referral program yet, but stay tuned for more pleasant changes. In the meanwhile, invite your friends to join the site, give them something interesting to read, encourage them to publish content, too. Help the community grow and enjoy the benefits of our mutual work.

Testing Guidelines

To sum up everything you’ve learned and start testing the site, please visit the SeekSuccess Testing Guidelines.  This page will provide you with a list of simple steps to start using the site, test all the features and communicate with our team to make the best out of your SeekSuccess experience.

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