Hello! As SeekSuccess has been rapidly changing now, we have decided to add a page and a menu item under ‘feed’ called ‘Submit A Bug’ that easily and quickly allows users and authors to submit bug reports to the SeekSuccess developers. Please go to the bug report page to find the specific form you need to submit to submit a big.

Initially, the features of this site were not being designed as rapidly as they are now. As a result, our developers could generally catch all of the relevant bugs soon enough before they were actually found by real online users. The new bug report feature is going to be a tremendous asset and tool for our users.  A lot of the times they users try something in a new set of circumstances that we either never thought about, or that we couldn’t get to happen ourselves with our own configuration. Please do not hesitate to send any sort of bugs you possibly can find our way. We are eager to help out and make a difference. We are eager to fix all issues when they occur, and improve any and all functionality of this web site to an impeccable level of quality.

Moving Forward

Moving forward we are looking at adding a number of really exciting systems! These systems will most likely have more bugs the more complex the systems! The new systems we are looking into implementing are:

  • Referral System – This would give you a portion of all the money of people you sign make.
  • Messaging System – Provide messaging between users on the site (this might even let them email each other too).
  • Journaling System – This is sort of like a personal diary or blog and would be a great way for someone to easily and quickly share their thoughts.
  • Points/Scoring System – This system will give users “scores” or “points” based on what they publish. As their numbers and quality of submissions increase, the author’s would theoretically get a higher overall score.
  • Recommendation System – Allow users to recommend content, for these recommendations to show up on the feed, and for you to be able to look at a list of recommendations of a user.
  • User Stats System – This would be a built in system that allows you to look at your stats for content views, content responses, content earnings, drawn graphs, etc. This list of stats could contain anything useful a user might want to see.


With everything going into this website, there is a very good likelihood that there are going to be new bugs and more bugs than ever before! This is fine, but with your help, we can really help mitigate any of these issue and fix problems immediately when you find them. We take our users very seriously and want to make sure you have an excellent experience on this site. Please feel free to any time you have an issue, submit a bug report.

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