SeekSuccess has just finished its fully automatic revenue sharing system.  The code for this system has been in development for one year and is now ready to be fully rolled out to users.  This system allows users to publish their own content, and to make money on this content from Google Adsense & Amazon Associate revenue sharing programs.

After you sign up, you will be able to publish article, review, video, image, audio, website, and product content.  The greatest thing about sharing your wonderful self improvement material is that now, you also get to make money on promoting your websites/businesses based on how much traffic your content gets.

We have finished development of a very nice user profile section that you can go to for every use that has signed up.  You can see a feed of all the content he has written, you can split it up by content type (articles, videos, etc), and you can also see a list of all a user’s followers or following users.  The following system on SeekSuccess allows any user to follow any number of other users, and vice versa.  This creates a social network and allows for quick and easy interaction between users.

You can set your personal information on your profile page, including your website, facebook, twitter, and linekdin accounts.  Once you set this information, users will be able to see this information when they go to your biography.  All other relevant information you have chosen will also show up here and is available for anyone to see.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote your own website/business, and to earn money at the same time.  The possibilities are limitless.  If you can manage to generate backlinks to your pages, and you have created a number of articles, you can earn decent money on that content.

There are alot of sites around the net that do revenue sharing, but SeekSuccess has a competitive advantage; we specialize specifically in self improvement information.  A lot of other revenue sharing sites might publish posts on how far frogs can jump, or what color clothes are.  Here at SeekSuccess, we focus on one thing, and one thing only; ensuring that all of our users benefit from our content, and really learn something of value; no fluff, no bs, and straight to the point.  This is our competitive edge.  We also have an extremely well designed site and we feel this stands out from most other sites out there.

SeekSuccess of course also includes an article directory, video directory, review directory, image directory, website directory, audio directory, and product directory.  When you have published your content, Google should index your content very fast, and most likely for that long tail phrase of your content, you will be number #1 in Google within hours.

So everyone, please go SIGN UP and create a new account.  Start publishing content and start promoting your ideas, your businesses, your site.

Good luck and I sincerely hope that everyone can really benefit and take advantage of the tremendous value I have created for all of you.

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Revenue Sharing & Site Promotion ReleasedSeekSuccess has just finished its fully automatic revenue sharing system.  The code for this system has been in development for one year and is now r…