As business people, marketers, and individuals interested in personal growth, we are always on the lookout for that one empowerment tool or technique that can catapult us into shining success. There are hundreds of such tools, but only one that is instant, easy, free, almost effortless, and can rip through resistance and obstacles of life and business quicker than hot water rips through a pile of snow. That tool is your smile.
Don’t stop reading! If you do, it could mean you are probably not a smiler. Perhaps you are a critic or a “practical person” or even a “realist”. Let’s face it, life can be hard, and we may not have the time or the energy for all of that fu-fu B.S.
Even so, right now, in this exact instant, just humor me and flash a quick smile. Do it for just a second. I want you to see how incredibly impressive that smile of yours really is. I bet you feel different already!
Your Smile is an Exquisite Communicator
The smile is universal. Everyone understands the humanity and kindness that it emits. Your smile is a precision communication tool that instantly says, “You really do matter to me”. Even strangers embrace that.
What Not Smiling Communicates
Not smiling is a big mistake. Not smiling creates an instant wall that others have to climb over or break through, and most people won’t bother going through the trouble. Not smiling says, “You are not that important to me right now”. It also says “I am not happy with life”. Think about it, who wants to hang around with, do business with, or buy from someone who appears to be unhappy with life?
What Your Smile Says About You
A smile lets others know you are approachable. A smile lets others know you are genuine and you care. A smile shows that you are confident and optimistic. A smile communicates that you want to make a connection. A smile says to others that you are the kind of person they should be influenced by. That is powerful!
What Your Smile Does
When you smile, you feel better about yourself, your life, your day, your occupation, and you even feel better about the people around you. When you are having a rough day, or having a hard time getting started or a hard time moving through your routine, throw a smile on your face. Suddenly you will have a completely different outlook. It is almost magical (miraculous, really).
What if Your Smile is Not “All That”?
A lot of people really want to smile, but they hold back for a number of reasons. They may feel that because they don’t have the perfect smile they should just keep their mouth shut. I say, not so!
Even an imperfect smile is amazing. Imperfect smiles have opened more doors to opportunity than bundles of money have. A smile, perfect or not, will certainly move more people emotionally than no smile at all. So your teeth are a little crooked, get over it. So your teeth are a little yellow, grab the white strips. So your smile is not perfect, big deal. It is a much bigger deal that you share your wonderful smile!
A Crazy Business Meeting Idea
I’ve heard of these clubs and meetings that are happening all over the country where the entire reason for going is to laugh. I know, it sounds nuts. You gather with a bunch of strangers, and once the meeting starts, someone says, “ha ha ha” and everyone else does the same. Within minutes (sometimes mere seconds) people are laughing and soon they are cracking up belly-laughing, and rolling on the floor in total comic hysteria. There is something about the smile-the laugh- that is so natural, so totally encompassing, that it only needs a spark to ignite it.
I am not saying to go join one of those out-of-the box meetups, but why not be an out-of-the box manager or leader and have some fun at your next office meeting? Here is an idea to get the people on your team to focus more on smiling throughout the day (this is only for the brave).
Tell everyone, “We should be smiling throughout the day. We need to share our smiles, and we need to let others know they matter to us. I need your smile and you need mine”. Then let them know you want to have a little fun with a “Ha Ha” session for a few minutes. See what happens. You might see that it binds everyone together in a way you never could have imagined. Try it with your kids, too!
The Very Least You Could Do
Ha Ha meeting or not, the very least you could do to start building an amazing business and an amazing life is smile. Start now. Start with the next person you see. Start with one, then two, then three smiles. Be a scientist and make it an experimental project by taking note of the responses you get. I guarantee you will be convinced that your smile is your most powerful life and business tool ever!
Author: Margo DeGange

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Your Smile can be your best business tool4.6875Richard Murphy2011-01-05 15:21:09As business people, marketers, and individuals interested in personal growth, we are always on the lookout for that one empowerment tool or technique …
Your Smile can be your best business toolAs business people, marketers, and individuals interested in personal growth, we are always on the lookout for that one empowerment tool or technique …