Investing Background

I have had significant experience investing in the stock market and utilizing other investments. I used to religiously read stock market reports, watch CNBC, read company financial reports, follow Jim Cramer, you name it. After spending time on investing and day trading stocks and stock options for some time, I came to a shocking conclusion.

The Truth About Investing They Don’t Want You To Know

I feel like I could get some heat for writing this article, but I feel it is more important that the truth gets told. The shocking truth I learned about investing and the stock market is that it is all a scam. A total and utter scam; a rip off of the common person. Basically, there is a large group of professionals out there who fictitiously create the need for themselves out of thin air. Stock brokers, investing firms, investment training, etc, is all an utter lie. The reason it is a complete lie and these professions are 100 percent useless is because it is impossible to outperform the market consistently. To do so is outright gambling. The only people that make a lot of money are the founders of the companies that teach people about investing and offer investment related products, which is similar to selling a get rich quick product. The fact is, if they could make so much money investing, they wouldn’t need to start a business. But these individuals have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can make the most money creating a need for themselves and then filling it, rather than through actual investing.

When, Who, and What Investing is Actually Good For

So with all this negatively towards investing, you might ask, when is it actually good to invest, in what, are there good times to invest? The answer is yes, but I will bet the answer is not what you expected.

When to Invest -

Invest at all times in conservative long term money making assets. The only way to win is via long term conservative investments, however, there is always an associated risk which you should be aware of.

Who Should Invest -

If you have a net worth at least in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, you are in a great place to invest, you can make somewhat ok money with your investments. However, you must remember, the more money you have the better. Companies on TV are flat out trying to scam you when they advertise their .5 percent higher interest rates on savings accounts. Let me give you an example, let’s do some math, let’s look at a 5 percent versus 5.5 percent savings account on $10,000 dollars (which is a lot of money). Per year, you will get roughly $550 versus $500 in interest. Dividing it further by the month if you divide this by 12 you get $45 versus $41. So you basically would get about 5 bucks more per month. Now, I don’t know about you but this is a complete joke.

What To Invest In -

Exchange Traded Funds which follow the broad indexes of the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or Nasdaq. The professionals don’t want you to know this, but these investments significantly outperform on average higher than any fund manager or investor could, consistently, over and over again. If you throw darts at a dart board going up you win, if it is going down, you lose. The point is, your money follows the market as a whole, and you can’t beat this (unless you take extreme risk by utilizing shorts, or stock options, etc, which are not worth it because the risk is too high.)

Investing Summary

Don’t be fooled by lies, there is no quick way to make money, or to be successful. In the stock market, and with investing in general, a long term conservative approach can yield substantial gains, but still carries with it a lot of associated risk (which you should never forget). The bottom line is that if you want to really be successful you are going to need to create money from your own bare hands, and once you have a source of income that you created, then you can start dabbling in investments. If you are just starting out, don’t spend any time on investment training, stock brokers, or any form of other deceitful rhetoric, or you are going to just fall prey to the people out there that actually are getting rich off of your ignorance.

SeekSuccess and their Role

You don’t see articles like this online because no one wants you to know. The big businesses want this information to be hidden at all costs. They make all their money off of offering useless services that are completely unnecessary. Please, share this article with everyone you know. The truth should be told. Remember, knowledge is power, and SeekSuccess strives to lead you to your goals, and your dreams, by essentially give you a helping hand along that life path. If something poses a risk to this goal of your success, SeekSuccess is here to let you know about it before you get tripped up. If you fail, we fail, and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure these common traps don’t become your trap.

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I have had significant experience investing in the stock market and utilizing other investments. I used to religiously read s…

What No One Will Tell You About Stocks & InvestingInvesting Background

I have had significant experience investing in the stock market and utilizing other investments. I used to religiously read s…