Thank you for taking the time to learn more about SeekSuccess and starting to use the website. Before we plunge ahead, please check out our Help Documentation and the Quick Start Guide.

If you have already read the two SeekSuccess learning sources, then you’re ready to test the functionality of all the steps and features described. To make the process easier for you, we’ve decided to lead you through your first steps on the website. Enjoy the journey!

Step #1 - Creating an Account

The link to the sign up page is on the home page and in the header on every SeekSuccess page. the process is fast and easy; just pick a username (which doesn’t necessarily have to be your display name) and provide a valid email address. A temporary password will be sent to that address and a link to the log in page.

As soon as you’re on your profile page, you can take the second step!

Step #2 - Creating Your Member Profile

In the left sidebar on your profile page there is a link to the Edit profile page.

  • That’s where you can post a link to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles.
  • Specify your gender, birthdate, the city you live in, state (if you are from the USA) or the country if you are an international member.
  • State you occupation, write something about yourself in the About me box and list your interests.
  • Save changes.

Remember, what you write here will be visible to the public so make sure you add a meaningful description of your online persona.

Step #3 – Update Your Profile Settings

You’re still in the process of creating your profile. Go to Settings (in the left sidebar on your profile page).

  • Customize your password. Pay attention to the strength indicator – use numbers and signs combined with letters to generate a strong password. First enter your current password (the temporary password you received in your email) and then the new password of your choice. Confirm this password.
  • Your username will already be in the corresponding box and it cannot be changed. However, if you’d like another display name (such as your full name or a variation of your name) you can enter the display name of your choice after the corresponding boxes for your first and last name. Note that your full name or last name can be hidden before saving the changes. If you choose to enter your full name, it will be displayed as the author name on your profile page. To sum up, you’ll use your username to log in, your display name will be shown next to your every post and your full name will be displayed as the author name on your profile page (if you choose so).
  • In case you want to change your email address, you can do that by entering in the corresponding box under the Display name box.
  • Image – upload a picture you’d like to be displayed next to your display name. You can delete the photo, reset or upload a new one.
  • Save changes.

Step #4 – Setup Revenue Sharing

Go to Earnings (in the left sidebar on your profile page).

  • Enter your Google AdSense Publisher ID and the Amazon Associates Tracking ID. This information won’t be visible to the public.
  • Save changes.

If you aren’t familiar with these two revenue sharing programs, please check out the Revenue Sharing section in our Help Documentation to learn more about ways to make money on SeekSuccess.

Step #5 – Publish Your Content

Try out the text editor and publish content. Please visit the Content section in our Help Documentation to learn what type of content you can post on SeekSuccess, what topics to write about, how to submit content, etc. Don’t forget to read the official content guidelines (in the FAQs, check the header) and Google AdSense policies to make sure your content gets approved quickly and easily.

In general, every time you want to publish new content just click “publish” in the header (visible when you log in). Choose the type of media you want to publish (article, review, image, video, etc) and follow the steps in the paragraph on how to submit content on SeekSuccess in the Content section (Help Documentation).

Step #6 - Comment On Existing Content

Take a look around and find something interesting to read. Comment on the posts you liked. Rate the post according to rating items before you submit your comment (if the author included the items in the post).

Step #7 - Follow A Member

If there is a member whose work you like and you would like to know more about this member’s activities in the future, follow him (or her) by a single click on the Follow button on the author’s profile page.

You can check the member directory under Feed (in the header). The members are listed in alphabetical order.

Step #8 – Get Started With The Content Manager

After your content has been published (you’ll get a notification email), get acquainted with the Content Manager. The functionality of this profile feature is described in the Content section in the Help Documentation. Using the Content Manager, you’ll be able to keep track of your posts, sort them the way you want to and edit content if necessary.

Step #9 - Reply To Comments On Your Posts

Always comment back on the comments you receive on your posts. Replying to comments is a sign that you appreciate the time someone has taken to read and comment on your post; it keeps the conversation going, opens the opportunities to make online friendships, and refreshes the page (Google bots will like this). Meaningful 2-3 sentences will do, and short one line comments should be avoided because they rarely add up to conversation. Let people disagree with you and always reply with a kind tone. In case you discover inappropriate comments, report them to the staff for deletion.

Step #10 - Report Bugs As You Find Them

Report bugs if you discover any. Your time and effort to test the site and provide feedback is extremely valuable to us. With your help we can improve the site for both our members and readers.

Step #11 - Further Exploration

Explore the site. The Help Documentation and the Quick Start Guide are your most valuable learning sources, but if you check the links to posts in the header and the footer of every page, you’ll find more interesting information about the site.

Step #12 - Comment On This Post

Start by commenting on this post. Are these instructions concise and clear? If they were helpful, let us know, if not, please suggest what we should add or explain.

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