Depression sneaks its way into your life like a weed in a garden.

It grabs hold of you and feels as if it will strangle the very life out of you.   Most often you do not even realize it is there until it begins to spread through your life and destroy your garden bit by bit.

We all have sad thoughts and this is very normal.   When these thoughts take over the majority of your life or turn into thoughts of suicide,  it may be a sign of depression.

Depression is an illness and it hurts both mentally and physically.

My depression began early in my teen years and I just simply ignored it until I could no longer afford to do so.   I was often feeling guilty and my self worth was very low but my teachers, family and friends simply blamed it on the pains of puberty.

Life went on.  I got married, had children and I had good days and bad days like everyone else.   Knowing what I know now;  I can honestly tell you I had been battling with depression my entire life, I just didn’t realize it.

I do not know where, how or when my depression began.  I suspect it had a lot to do with mistakenly finding out that I was adopted.   Not that being adopted was a horrible thing, but it does have an impact on your identity.

My father had recently passed away, I had inadvertently found out that I was adopted (not exactly the best way to find out) and the collision of all of these events at the very same time in my life was probably too much for a young teenager to bare.

I believe this “series of unfortunate events”  allowed the weeds to plant themselves deep into my psyche.  They did not manifest themselves, but I guess in some way I always knew they were there.

For fear of ridicule; I, like many people, simply chose to ignore the signs or blame the symptoms on other things.

There is a common misconception that people with depression are simply “faking it” or embellishing a bad day or mood.   What many “uninformed” people do not know is, depression can and does actually hurt.

There were days  I had aches and pains in my joints and muscles so bad I cried myself to sleep.  Some days I could not walk a block without feeling pain.   The problem was the pain was never in one place, it was all over and it would change on a daily basis. Test after test,  doctors could not find anything physically wrong with me.   Some began to think I was simply being a hypochondriac.

I could feel the pain, I felt it deep in my bones every day,  I was tired all the time and some days I could not function at all.   At some point, I simply stopped complaining about the pain because it seemed that no one believed me.

Like weeds that linger in the garden and never get pluck from the roots,  depression sits lingering and waiting until it is given a chance to rear its ugly head.   Mine did just that.  Shortly after I lost my job and almost became separated from my husband depression hit me like a rock.  I was forty five and my life had once again gone on a collision course.

I was not strong enough to beat the depression on my own this time and I had a complete meltdown.

The truth is,  rarely does anyone beat depression on their own, they are simply not ready to face it.

When the breakdown finally came, I was amazed at how relieved I felt.  I was scared because I could not stop crying and my nerves were shaking so bad I thought I would break apart.  However, I was relieved because I could finally rest.  I could finally stop pretending I was not in pain both emotionally and physically.

What many people do not understand about depression is that fighting it is so tiring that it hurts.

Depression is a daily struggle that robs you of your energy, your zest for life and makes you extremely tired.  I suppose that is why people with depression have suicidal thoughts, they are just so tired of the constant fight.

Depression is an illness that needs medical treatment and when left untreated can have harmful and even fatal consequences.  If you think you or anyone else you know shows signs of depression seek medical help.  The most common signs of depression are:

  • Depressed Mood
  • Psycho motor Agitation
  • Fatigue or Sleep disturbances
  • Feeling of Worthlessness or Guilt
  • Decreased Interest or Pleasure
  • Weight changes

From the moment that I received medical help and started taking daily depression pills my health has improved considerably.  I no longer felt pain on a daily basis,  I did not always feel self defeated and my negative thoughts have subsided.   My marriage is back on track and I have started my own business.

That was three years ago.   I still take depression medication on a daily basis and I once in awhile have a bout with sadness but no longer does depression control my life.   I am in control of it.    I am grateful that I was able to seek medical help so that I could overcome this debilitating disease and I hope that by writing this, I have helped someone to do the same.

Seek success will always offer advice and compelling stories like these.  We  want to advise you that we are not doctors and cannot diagnose medical problems but we hope that we can at least offer you motivation to seek  medical help if you think you need it.  Read our blogs,  check our reviews and feel free to tell us about your own compelling stories.  We believe everyone has a story worth telling and maybe someday you can help someone else seek their own self help solutions.

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The thruth about depression; it hurts!4.5Richard Murphy2011-04-06 20:33:03Depression sneaks its way into your life like a weed in a garden.
It grabs hold of you and feels as if it will strangle the very life out of you.  …
The thruth about depression; it hurts!Depression sneaks its way into your life like a weed in a garden.
It grabs hold of you and feels as if it will strangle the very life out of you.  …