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No matter how diverse women are, many share the same journey. That’s why you can find so many self-help books for women in bookstores with title words including women who love too much, a woman’s guide to…, single women, women who worry too much, emotionally abused women, etc.  These 3 self-help books for women are presented here as top 3 because of the number of women who purchased them and because of the positive reviews (on average 5 stars).

Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood

This self help book on women who love too much has had great success with the female audience. The author, Robin Norwood, has received numerous letters from her readers who thanked her because they were able to use this book to improve their life.

Who this book is for?

This book is for women who love too much; a woman who loves too much is the one who:

  • always finds excuses for his moodiness, bad temper and indifference,
  • doesn’t really like his basic characteristics and behavior, but who always acts so loving hoping he’ll change to the better because of that,
  • lets her relationship jeopardize her emotional and physical well being,
  • feels great pain and dissatisfaction, but still can’t end the relationship,
  • reads self-help books trying to find ways to help him, instead of trying to help herself.
  • This book looks hard at the reasons why some women become obsessed with their partner and relationship and why they usually find unloving partners and build unhealthy relationships. The root of such obsession is fear, and not love.


“We who love obsessively are full of fear – fear of being alone, fear of being unlovable and unworthy, fear of being ignored or abandoned or destroyed. We give our love in the desperate hope that the man with whom we’re obsessed will take care of our fears. Instead, our fears – and our obsession – deepen until giving love in order to get it back becomes a driving force in our lives. And because our strategy doesn’t work we try, we love even harder. We love too much.”

Robin Norwood, Women Who Love Too Much: When You Keep Wishing and Hoping He’ll Change

Reading this book will help you understand why you love the man who doesn’t love you back, why “making love” is good in bad relationships, why thinking that suffering for him will make him love you is wrong. You’ll understand your own need to be needed, the man who chooses the women who love too much, and much more.

The Single Woman’s Sassy Survival Guide by Mandy Hale

In this book you’ll find the what, when, who and how of letting go and moving on after ending a relationship.

Who This Book Is For?

This book is for women in a messy relationship, felling hurt and betrayed because of all the lies, heartbreaks and disappointments. For all those single women who yearn to be sassy, independent, spirited and feel fabulous.

If you want to be a woman who would rather walk fearlessly solo through life than be poorly accompanied, or, if you have a question starting with “How do I let go of and move on…” read this book and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.


“Sometimes life offers us a second chance to get it right…and sometimes life just offers us a second chance to say goodbye. Sometimes even after all the hurt, and all the waiting, and all the hoping, and all the wishing…for reasons beyond our control, it still doesn’t work out. Sometimes you just know that the only way to be true to YOU is to let go and move on.”

Mandy Hale, The Single Woman’s Sassy Survival Guide: Letting Go and Moving On

The Courage to Be Yourself by Sue Patton Thoele

(10th edition)

This book  is full of lessons teaching you to expand the vision of the self, to awaken and recognize the divine feminine in you, to find courage, emotional strength and self-esteem, to beat fear. Even self-help jargon skeptics found this book the best resource for building self-esteem. It’s the kind of book people read fast, refer to it again and give it away as presents for their friends. there are women who reported a remarkable change in their demeanor, attitude and thought processes after reading this book  with various anecdotes and exercises.

Who This Book Is For?

The book is for all the women who struggle with low self-esteem, fear, feelings of limitation, and merciless criticism. For those who need to practice the art of loving and being themselves.


“Emotional strength and self-esteem are, in fact, our birthright, our privilege, our responsibility.”

Sue Patton Thoele, The Courage to Be Yourself: A Woman’s Guide To Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem

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Top 3 Self-Help Books For Women No matter how diverse women are, many share the same journey. That’s why you can find so many self-help books for women in bookstores with title wor…