Top 3 Self-Help Books For Women

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by Jasmine | 5 years ago | 1,796 views | 2 Comments

No matter how diverse women are, many share the same journey. That’s why you can find so many self-help books for women in bookstores with title words including women who love too much, a[...]

15 Self-Improvement Ideas

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by Jasmine | 5 years ago | 1,675 views | 2 Comments

I found a great article on how to improve your life by following 15 simple tips on living an inspiring life (link is in the title). It’s hard to say whether[...]

50 Classics by Tom Butler-Bowden

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by Jasmine | 5 years ago | 1,626 views | 2 Comments

Notable for the 50 Classics book series, Tom Butler-Bowdon, often described as “a true scholar of this type of literature,” gives commentaries on the classic works in the personal[...]

Inspirational Self-Help Quotes

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by Jasmine | 5 years ago | 1,297 views | 1 Comment

Enjoy more than 20 self-help quotes! “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” (Samuel Smiles) “The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the[...]

Why Are People Fascinated By Self-Help?

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by Jasmine | 5 years ago | 907 views

How The Self-Help Niche Became A Cultural Phenomenon Have you ever wondered why the self-help section in bookstores is so popular? People are simply fascinated with self-help. Ten years ago, six[...]

Writing on Topic and Creating Self-Improvement Content at SeekSuccess

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by Jasmine | 6 years ago | 9,015 views | 8 Comments

If you are reading the first sentence of this article, you’re probably interested in how you can contribute to SeekSuccess – a website aiming to become the most helpful self-improvement[...]

Clip On Hair Pieces by Jessica Simpson

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by Jasmine | 6 years ago | 1,024 views | 9 Comments

Clip on hair pieces by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are a real savior for women who want to volumize, add length to their hair, or wear different hairstyles without [...]

Ribbon Soap Baskets

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by Jasmine | 6 years ago | 2,182 views

Do you remember how ribbon soap baskets look like? If this doesn’t ring a bell, check out this video to remind yourself about country style soap gift baskets that used to be so popular, and if[...]

Castle Johannisburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany

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by Jasmine | 6 years ago | 1,833 views

The castle Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg was built in the 17th century and it is considered one of the greatest buildings representing the period of the Renaissance in Germany. It was made of red sandstone, a popular building material from ancient times –  typical for domestic[...]


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by Jasmine | 6 years ago | 1,534 views | 1 Comment

One of the best known teaching methods, suggestopedia is mostly used in the field of foreign language learning. It is also known as the accelerated language learning [...]

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