Is SeekSuccess an Article Directory?

On several occasions, we’ve referred to our website as an article directory; however, it has come to our attention that people have different opinions on what article directories are, especially regarding content quality. In this article, we’d like to explain how we feel about the subject and make a clear statement of what kind of website SeekSuccess is.

Article Directory Definition

The simplest and most accurate definition of an article directory is:

“An article directory is a website with collections of articles written about different subjects.”

(Source: Wikipedia)

Under the influence of SEO methods applied by numerous people who wanted to game the system, the term got a negative connotation. Because people used article directories to obtain free backlinks based on article spinning, many article directories are nowadays considered “content farms” – websites with low quality content, copied content and content generated specifically with search engine algorithms in mind. Arguably, one such website is They’ve been hit hard by the Google algorithm updates released in 2012 because members post content on this website just to obtain backlinks and because the content is copyright free. In other words, it has great chances to become copied content.

Avoiding Confusion

SeekSuccess is called an article directory only if you take the Wikipedia definition above as the right definition. This term is used for SeekSuccess just to make browsing the site according to topics easier for our users.

Every post on SeekSuccess has a copyright notice at the bottom. Content may not be copied because it belongs to SeekSuccess authors. Also, our members cannot post the content they’ve published on SeekSuccess on other websites, too. We don’t want to be penalized by Google because of such actions.


The quality of content is very important to us. We don’t have rigid word requirements (articles have the greatest word minimum – 350 words). We also don’t expect professional writers or people with academic backgrounds to be the only members on this website. However, we do expect:

  • content written in correct English (proper grammatical structures, spelling and punctuation),
  • basic formatting to attract readers and increase time spent on page,
  • meaningful content which is not purely informational, but also beneficial to our readers,
  • content generated primarily with readers in mind.

Of course, we encourage you to do keyword research, but we firmly believe that the new algorithm updates place a lot less weight on SEO activities, such as backlinking. We also believe that if you create high quality content with a benefit, it will mature with time and become a part of the natural linking process. If people like you and your content, they are likely to share it with others and this is what you should aim at if you want to succeed in the online writing business.

To Sum Up

Seeksuccess is an article directory in the sense that it has directories or listings according to media type published on the site and categorized into sub-categories for easier user experience.

SeekSuccess is NOT an article directory in the sense that you can use it for backlinks or that you can copy content which belongs to our respective members. We check our posts for uniqueness and quality, therefore, we manually review every submission before publishing to protect the site from spammers and plagiarists. Our members have the right to file a DMCA complaint in case someone copies their content.

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