People are fascinated by self-improvement and the self-help sections in bookstores are so popular that the self-help industry has become a multi-billion dollar self-help industry. In this article we share our purpose, plans and desires for the future of SeekSuccess, but before we plunge ahead, please read about why self-improvement is important and what the basic characteristics of self-help content are.

Our Purpose

The best way to explain the purpose of SeekSuccess is to explain what type of community we’re building, why we’re building it, and who we’re building it for.

We are aiming at building a community culture different from the ones you’ve already seen online – well, technically pretty much the same, but we want it to have a strong sense of fellowship and the passion for self improvement. The community should grow into an environment where everybody will be happy to share their experiences, ideas and knowledge, learn from others, teach others and improve the quality of life of the community and the visitors in general.

The reason why we are building this community is simple. We want people to benefit from this site in many ways and the safest way to make this happen is by joining forces. Together we are stronger, more supportive and inspirational.

We are building this community for people who love self improvement, who learned about the topic before, and for those who are facing the subject for the first time but want to discover more.

Building a Thriving Community

If you belong to other writing communities, you must already know that being online offers special opportunities and challenges such as meeting like-minded people that you would otherwise have never met. A community in cyberspace is pretty much the same as a community in the physical world, except that you’re not time or place bounded and you can talk to people no matter where you live or what your time zone is.

Successful, long lasting communities almost always start off small, simple and focused, and then grow organically over time – adding breadth, depth and complexity in response to the changing needs of the members, and the changing condition of the environment.

- Amy Jo Kim

Our goal is to grow a thriving community that will attract and sustain members interested in self-help topics. This means that we want to make SeekSuccess a place where people will gather to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas about focused topics that will serve the needs of both our members and readers.

With a strong desire to create and improve this online community, we work towards fulfilling an ongoing need in people’s lives and building the grounds for a themed community culture with a specific purpose: to help yourself and others!

Looking For New Members

A community takes root wherever people gather for a shared purpose and start talking among themselves. The common way to makes this happen is to engage yourself in generating content and commenting or replying to what you’ve read on the website.

We are looking forward to new sign-ups and active participation of all the people who are willing to give SeekSuccess a sense of history, depth and soul. Time passes quickly on the Internet. To make this community friendly and keep attracting new members, we need more content and more interaction. Your participation in the community will make this website a living creature with a soul.

Please, check out our Quick Start Guide to easily start using the site.

Meeting Your Needs – What We’ve Done So Far

We made sure that the system access works properly; you can easily create and maintain your online identity and participate in the community by publishing valuable content and talking to other members.

We have elaborated a privacy policy to keep you secure and safe. Your personal information will not be shared with anybody and you have the power to control what will be made public in your member profile.

We want you to feel at home and develop a sense of belonging. If you are starting at the same time we are beginning to build this community, you may not be able to mingle that much, but that will change with time and you’ll benefit from an early start in many ways.

Every member is extremely valuable to us and we are all ears to know whether there are more ways we could meet your unmet needs in the future. Remember, there’s just a few of us, but we’re here! We guarantee your writings will be read and your voice will be heard!

If you signed up for this site because you love the goal it has and the ideas it represents, then your ability to contribute is enormous.  You will be recognized for those contributions and given the chance to earn money with our monetization partners: Google AdSense and The Amazon Association Program.

We hope to make SeekSuccess a place where you will be able to develop your skills and open up new opportunities for yourself. With your engagement, SeekSuccess will be a leading online environment for self-actualization.


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