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Some people love cleaning and some hate it. Actually, some people don’t clean until their home is a mess of unimaginable proportions. Maybe you don’t even imagine how everyday mess in your home can influence your spirit and your mind. If you knew that a messy and unclean home can have a negative impact on you, you’d embrace your broom and vacuum cleaner and all other cleaning utensils right away.

If you’ve made a habit of keeping your home in a mess, it’s highly probable that your spirits are down when you’re at home and you tend to go out often and seek satisfaction elsewhere. However, you should feel well, satisfied and entertained in your own home. I sometimes watch TV shows and read magazines about homes and real estate – those expensive, luxurious homes with wonderful furniture do look beautiful, don’t they? Looking at those pictures, it’s easy to think I wish I lived there. But remember, a home doesn’t have to be luxurious to be beautiful, or at least, nice.

Tips On How You Should Clean Your Home And Why

Your Bedroom

Let’s start with your bedroom because that’s where you wake up and start you day. You end your day there, too so make sure this room is tidy; a clean and fresh bedroom will help you sleep better, rest and wake up satisfied. Don’t leave your clothes all over the place, make your bed as soon as you get up, vacuum the room every few days (don’t forget to clean under the bed because the dust can make your breathing at night more difficult). Open the window as soon as you get up to let some fresh air into the room. Change your sheets every week.


You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen during the day. Make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy every time you enter this room. Wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher after every meal. Don’t leave the cookware or bakeware out on the working surfaces all day long. If you’ve got leftovers, put them into smaller containers and wash the cooking vessels such as saucepans and frying pans right away. Remove the fat and wash the stove every day. Don’t forget the floor! Get rid of your garbage on a daily basis.

Dining Room

Your dining table should always be clean and ready for people to sit down and eat or drink their coffee or tea. Don’t leave objects that don’t belong there on the table and the chairs. Keep the bottles and glasses in the kitchen until you sit to dine.

Living Room

No papers, magazines, hair accessories and other unnecessary objects on your coffee table. Keep your sofa clean so that anyone can sit at any time without having to move objects such as magazines, blankets or other stuff first. Dust the furniture and use mild household detergents with warm water to keep the furniture’s surface clean for a longer period. Avoid placing figurines on open shelves because they tend to collect dust very fast.


The bathroom is the mirror of every home and that’s why it has to be cleaned every day. Just put everything on its place, clean the mirrors and bathroom fittings and accessories. They should glance at any time. The toilet has to be clean and smell nice.


This is probably the place where you keep your shoes, jackets and mantels unless you have a storage room or a cloak room. Don’t leave these accessories all over the place; put them in their place instead.

Why You Should Keep Everything Clean And In Order

Just imagine yourself sitting in a messy room with dozens and hundreds of objects scattered around the room, dust everywhere and bad indoor air quality around you. You sit down to watch TV or read or do anything else that relaxes you. Just a quick sight of it already makes you feel tired.

Now imagine yourself sitting in a tidy room, everything in its place, fresh air and the sense of cleanliness. Don’t you feel relaxed already?

According to Feng shui, cleaning your home and keeping it clean on a regular basis helps you focus, clear and organize your thoughts, avoid allergies, increase prosperity, get rid of life obstacles and emotional melt-downs, etc.

Seriously, a clean environment helps your psyche to function better. Your spirits rise, your body is more relaxed and your mind is open for positive thoughts. You just have to be aware of the influence your environment has on you including your home.

Happy cleaning!

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Why Cleaning Your Home Is Important For Your MindSome people love cleaning and some hate it. Actually, some people don’t clean until their home is a mess of unimaginable proportions. Maybe you don…