I am sure a lot of you know stories about someone that cheated on their wives, their husbands, their boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. We have all heard these stories. Certain places in the world, as well as certain states in the US (take California) are known to have some of the highest rates of cheating in the world. Not long ago, it was thought that only men would cheat. Nowadays it is becoming much more common for women to do it as well. In fact, as the traditional roles between men and women change, women are starting to take on a much more dominant role in our society.

The Cheating Husband/Boyfriend

Every day the same routine, the same dinner, the same job, the same boring conversation about “honey, how was your day.” Does this sound like your lifestyle or something that you have experienced? How about this, your husband travels a lot on supposed “business.” You want him to call you more, but he says he is too “busy” at work related events. I can tell you right now, these events, meetings, business, call it what you will is just a front. If your husband has not been calling you often while gone on frequent business trips it is likely he is cheating on you.

Motivations For the Cheating Man

Most of the time, if the man is cheating, he is really missing something in his relationship. Some area or aspect in the marriage or relationship is seriously lacking. At this point there are a few options to fix this. The women can either find out what needs improvement in the relationship, and make a sincere effort in that area, or the women needs to leave the relationship as most likely she isn’t capable of giving the man what he needs. This isn’t always the case obviously as there are always exceptions, but the point being is that there comes a point where the best solution is an end to the relationship/marriage, as sad as that may be.

The Cheating Wife/Girlfriend

You work long hours, always calling your wife as much as you can. She stops answering the phone very often. She tells you she was busy and couldn’t make the time to talk. She starts becoming ultra critical of your every move, even though you are doing everything you can to please her. When these types of things start to happen there is a high likelihood your wife is cheating on you. If she starts to act distant, not listening to what you say, or seems completely indifferent towards your life or what you are going through you have a major problem at hand. This problem must be dealt with immediately or things could get completely out of control.

Motivations For the Cheating Women

Men get really attached to women they love, if they cheat, it is usually due to something like a strong physical attraction, but is doesn’t mean anything to the man. When a women cheats, however, usually the women will have strong feelings for that man. What this means is that yes, if a women cheats it means much more than a man who cheats. Usually a women starts cheating when she becomes so selfish her man isn’t giving her enough anymore. This could happen 10 years into a marriage, a year and a half into a relationship where you are planning to get married, or it could happen in college in a multi year relationship. Men, when you start to see signs of this, your best bet is to run for the hills! Just/kidding, but what you need to do is sit down with your women and have an immediate talk with her about her behavior. Don’t do this in a confrontational way mind you, try to gather information, see if there is some way you can accommodate her needs or if there is a reason she is acting distant. If she continues to act the way she does and won’t give you the time of day, then the truth hurts. It might be time to cut your losses. The unfortunate fact is that you already spent so much time and energy devoted to this individual, just to see everything go up in smoke as if nothing really mattered. Oh well, that is life. Your best bet is to just search for someone who will be a better partner and treat you right.

Cheating Conclusion

Being with a cheater is a horrible thing to be involved with. Perhaps you risk losing what you spent years building up in your life. Perhaps you will have psychological problems after dealing with the deceit of the cheater. All I can say is, in life, a lot of things happen which suck, but we have to be willing to deal with large disappointment. If we can’t, one of these incidents might destroy us. Stay strong, keep your head up, learn from your mistakes. It is the strong will we all have inside us that can guide us to amazing places in life. Follow your dreams and one day you can reach them.

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Why Men & Women Cheat4.5Richard Murphy2011-06-30 18:35:59I am sure a lot of you know stories about someone that cheated on their wives, their husbands, their boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. We have all heard …
Why Men & Women CheatI am sure a lot of you know stories about someone that cheated on their wives, their husbands, their boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. We have all heard …