Hello, I would like to let all of you know what I believe self improvement means, how it is related to this website, and how I believe the concept of self improvement can really bring benefit to people.  The concept stems from taking a simple approach to everything, and a practical approach.  Using the right tools, and focusing on improvement you can really see beneficial changes in whatever it is you do.

Why improve at all?

Not everyone wants to improve, nor cares to make strides necessary to improve in any areas.  For these people, staying the way they are is fine.  I don’t believe under any circumstances you should try to push others to do what you do, or like what you like.  In cases where people are changing, improving, and striving for something more, as their own choice, then self improvement materials and the concept of self improvement in general really clicks and makes sense.

How does self-help apply to it all?

In some ways, self-help might have gotten a bad rap for all of the bad products that are released out there related to this subject.  The good news for you is that on our website, we try to minimize any crap content and go for the gold.  All of our content is carefully selected to give you maximum benefit and value.  One of the most important things that this site focuses on is quality control and quality content.  In making these two goals a reality, and applying them to each and every single piece of content on this website, we are able to give real knowledge that could potentially benefit you.  How many times have you heard about something you didn’t know?  Or how many times could you have done something so much better if you only knew what to do differently?  The goal of this site and what it hopes to promote is the sharing of knowledge and benefits from person to person through online submitted and shared content such as articles and videos.

An example of self-help in action.

A long time ago I realized that I needed to manage my finances better, and that there were many possible deductions I could get, but I wasn’t sure what all of them were.  In my particular situation, since I have a business, I am allowed to take a lot of deductions.  Up until recently I wasn’t aware of the benefits of the home office deduction and that you could deduct HOA fees.  After reading an online article a while back I learned that you could deduct HOA fees (which comes out to be a substantial amount of deductions), and so I went ahead and applied this to my tax return, thus saving a lot of money.  The funny this is that had I not read this article I might have never known about the benefits of this deduction (you can also deduct household repairs, maintenance, etc).  This is a perfect example of how knowing something versus not knowing something can really change the outcome of things.

How Are We Different?

I know a lot of people out there will claim that they or their business is different in some way, but most of the times this is a bunch of bs.  In other scenarios, the whole business practice, or the message itself will be bs so it doesn’t matter what the business or individual says.  I want to tell you straight up, this website is different.  This website was created for your benefit, this website was created to help you, not me.  With this being the case, my real goal is to provide the most helpful and useful self improvement information available online.  I would like someone to check this site as they do dictionary.com and look up self improvement materials that are real quality.


Take small steps towards your goals in life, point yourself in the right direction, and watch as you should definitely see huge changes for the better.  With simple planning, scheduling, and attention to detail, I feel that you have a tremendous potential to be the absolute best person you possibly can.  I don’t believe in thinking like everyone else, or of believing what everyone believes.  If you want to make something out of yourself, you are going to need to reach out and go beyond what most people and others say is possible of you.  Think from within yourself, make your own decisions, learn, improve, and the sky is really the limit to what you can achieve!

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