Having Women In Business Is Essential To Any Modern Growing Economy. Throughout the ages women in business have been a given. Behind the scenes women of many great ruling houses from around the world were often the power behind the throne. In many instances these women’s name may not have been publicly acknowledged or appeared on any letterhead but they were running the show. Much has been written about strong and powerful women. It is, however, only in the last half a century that women’s role in the top echelons of government, business, and development has been openly acknowledged.

After two major world wars and the resulting enormous loss of young men, females were forced to take on roles previously considered the domain of men and totally unsuitable for women. There are few countries nowadays that do not have women in their government and even as their leaders.

Various stumbling blocks and old taboos still exist that have to be overcome in a variety of spheres for women to come to power. Many a woman has forsaken marriage, children, and family life on the altar of their ambition to succeed in their chosen field. In fact, it still takes a special kind of man to play the supportive role to his wife’s successful career.

Today, in corridors of learning and power, the split is on an even footing between both sexes aspiring to reach the pinnacle in their chosen profession. Very few global and extremely successful companies are still run by only male boards and top management. Women have proved their worth and shown they are capable of running multi-national companies and are instrumental in any type of business’s phenomenal growth, profit, and prestige.

Unfortunately, even with all the proof available today to substantiate women’s strong ability to succeed, there are still areas where women are met with great resistance. Women are often expected to complete double workloads and achieve greater results than their male counterparts. Women may find very little appreciation for the fact that even though they deliver what is expected of them, they have very little leeway.

In fact, women are expected to run homes, supervise their children, and support their husbands. Even with all the things women are expected to do, they are also still expected to stay on top of their game at work. Having a life outside of work can be construed as not being 100% committed to their job. Even in the face of great adversity. women are slowly and relentlessly carving out their own place in the world of business.

Women bring, in many instances, a greater understanding of working in a team and being supportive of one another. Women’s empathy and naturally nurturing instincts should be seen as a plus and not considered a weakness. Management styles of the past that were considered the norm such as patronizing and derogatory views of women are still around but are quickly dying out.

Women In Business Conclusions

Nowadays, women in business are showing that they can hold their own, are not be a threat to their male counterparts, and do not expect to be treated any differently than men. Given the opportunity and management’s backing women have the potential to deliver exceptional results.

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Women In BusinessHaving Women In Business Is Essential To Any Modern Growing Economy. Throughout the ages women in business have been a given. Behind the scenes women …